November 19, 2019

President Scott Decker called the meeting to order at 4:30 PM.

Present were: President Scott Decker, Commissioners Nikki Wolla, Jason Fridrich, Carson Steiner and Sarah Trustem.
Absent: None

MOTION BY: Sarah Trustem
SECONDED BY: Carson Steiner
To approve the November 19, 2019 Order of Business as presented with the removal of the 5:20 p.m. timetable.

DISPOSITION: Motion carried unanimously.

MOTION BY: Carson Steiner
SECONDED BY: Jason Fridrich
A. Approval of meeting minutes dated October 28, 2019 and November 5, 2019
B. Approval of Accounts Payable, Commerce Bank and Checkbook
C. Approval of extension of Master Services Agreement with KLJ
D. Approval of Museum Billboard Rental Agreement
E. Approval of Bartlett and West Architect contract for the Library

City Engineer
DISPOSITION:Roll call vote. Aye 5, Nay 0, Absent 0
Motion declared duly passed

A. Recycling Poster Winner
Recycling and Collections Coordinator Rachel Shumaker presents the 2019 Recycling Poster Contest finalists from kindergartner to fifth grade. Coordinator Shumaker lists the following finalists: Christian Kenitzer, Dawson Sadowsky, Amilliana Thompson-Yazzie, Sidney Heidecker, Itzia Caro, Alayja Chavez, Savannah Mendoza, Ethan McMacken, Taylor Gerbig, Katelyn Sauvageau, Tayten Kuntz, Tyler Praus, Cooper Orton, Ashlyn Eckelberg, and Elleson Laumb. Coordinator Shumaker announces the winner of Nareen Tent whom is a 5th grader. Ms. Tent sat with President Scott Decker at the front of the Commission Chambers. A picture of the finalist was taken with the Commissioners.

President Scott Decker along with the Commissioners thank the finalist for participating in the poster contest.

B. 2020 Fee Schedule
Deputy City Administrator Linda Carlson presents the 2020 Fee schedule with fee changes.
Rate Changes:
Fire Suppression System Plan Review decreased from $350 to $300
Fire Plan Review increased from $40 to $100
Museum - Birthday Parties increased from $75 to $100

Solid Waste Commercial Collection rates for all yards / One time per week through 5 per week Increased 7%
Solid Waste Commercial Collection Once per month - Twice per month - On Call Increased 7%
Solid Waste Small Business 90 Gal. One time per week - Increased 7% from $16.23 to $17.37
Two times per week - Increased 7% from $32.46 to $34.74
Three times per week - Increased 7% from $48.69 to $52.11
Additional garbage placed next to commercial container - increased from $7.50 /yard to $8.00 /yard
Utility Billing - Water usage rate Increased from $6.38 to $6.70/1000 (increase from Southwest Water Authority)
Deputy City Administrator Linda Carlson states the following rates were removed due to non-usage:
Library Interlibrary Loan - not used
Solid Waste Commercial Solid Waste Collection rates - removed Six times per week for all yards - not used
Deputy City Administrator listed the following rates as new additional rates:
Engineering Public Infrastructure permit $50.00 Construction Inspection 10% of the bid price
Solid Waste Small Business 90 gallon - On Call - $8.69 each
Ms. Carlson states the fee schedule for water rates was raised another $1.15 charge over the increased rate from SW Water as it has been for the last three years plus another .05 cents was added for water main replacements for a total of $1.20. This amount added to the SW increased rate of $5.50 brings it to $6.70/1000 gallons of water to Dickinson.
Solid Waste Manager Aaron Praus states small business 90 gallon cost to on demand pickup is $8.69. This is a requested pickup with a pickup of 1 or 2 per week. These are normally one time per month. Commercial pickup is extra. Typically the City works it into the route while picking up other commercial routes in the area and the City works it into the schedule.

President Scott Decker would like to table the Fee Scheduled this evening and discuss it at a work session on December 3, 2019. He would also like to discuss Commission Portfolios on December 3, 2019.

City Engineer Craig Kubas states a typical bid varies according to types of projects. Engineer Kubas states the City will charge 10% of the cost of the construction of a public infrastructure. He states this is what the developer should expected for the inspection of the project. These are City led inspections. This item will be discussed at a work session.
MOTION BY: Jason Fridrich
SECONDED BY: Nikki Wolla
To table the 2020 Fee Schedule and to place it on the December 3, 2019 work session.
DISPOSITION:Roll call vote. Aye 5, Nay 0, Absent 0
Motion declared duly passed

C. Monthly Financial Report
Accountant Robbie Morey provided to the Commissioners a financial report that includes the requirements from NDCC 40-16-04, showing revenues, expenditures, transfers, and fund balances. A monthly power point will be presented showing a treasurer's report and monies received in specific revenue funds, including utility revenue, in the current year compared to last year same time. Accountant Robbie Morey states the treasurer report as of 10/31/10 a general checking account balance of $180,577, investments of $37.2 million which shows a two month lag behind. This is $100,000 higher than the same time last year. Accountant Morey states the City should finish about $6 million dollars ahead of 2016 figures.

Public Works Director Gary Zuroff stated he will provide the Water Loss Statement each month with the financial report.
Accountant Robbie Morey discusses the aged trial balance summary which shows the receivables to be $300,000 and the payables of $926,432. Mr. Morey states the Accounting Tech works very diligently on collections of the outstanding balances.

Commissioner Carson Steiner would like for the City to work on collecting the 90 days and over and if this is impossible then to write this loss off.

Deputy City Administrator Linda Carlson states 90+ days over could be the collection of insurance, permitting and the same outliers each month as some people wait until the very last minute to pay their bills.

MOTION BY: Carson Steiner
SECONDED BY: Sarah Trustem
To approve the monthly Financial Report.

DISPOSITION: Roll call vote. Aye 5, Nay 0, Absent 0
Motion declared duly passed

D. 2020 Liquor Licenses
Police Chief Dustin Dassinger present the 2020 Liquor License renewals. Chief Dassinger states background checks were completed, along with site checks and fees paid. He did states there were a few applicants with deficiencies and letters will be accompanying the 2020 licenses. Chief Dassinger does recommend approval for the licenses.

MOTION BY: Jason Fridrich
SECONDED BY: Sarah Trustem
To approve the 2020 Liquor Licenses.

DISPOSITION: Roll call vote…Aye 5, Nay 0, Absent 0
Motion declared duly passed

E. Red Roof Inn Abatement
City Assessor Joe Hirschfeld received an abatement from Red Roof Inn. Assessor Hirschfeld has not been able to contact anyone from Red Roof Inn for several weeks and there is no rep for Red Roof Inn at the Commission Meeting this evening. He states the property was sold in 2019 for $1,400,000 and they are asking that the 2017 be abated to that value. Assessor Hirschfeld states Red Roof Inn feels the True and Full value exceeded the market value. The applicant has not provided access. They did provide the income/expense data from years ending 2015-2017. City Assessor Hirschfeld states the market was changing and guidelines changed therefore the City already dropped the value of over $5 million dollars. City Assessor Hirschfeld states it is his recommendation to deny any decrease in value of the Red Roof Inn. He states the valuation for 2019 is much lower, therefore, recommending to deny the previous request.

Commissioner Carson Steiner does struggle with using income only for valuation. He states there is a principal structure to take into consideration.

City Assessor Joe Hirschfeld states the recent two sales in 2019 were the Comfort Inn and Red Roof. Mr. Hirschfeld states Vanguard did appraise this property and one property sold for 30% more than the other property sold for 30% less.

Commissioner Jason Fridrich states if the property sold for $1.4 and the City has it valued at $1.8 he feels this is pretty close in value.

MOTION BY: Carson Steiner
SECONDED BY: Jason Fridrich
To deny the abatement from Red Roof Inn for year 2017.

DISPOSITION: Roll call vote. Aye 5, Nay 0, Absent 0
Motion declared duly passed

F. Wage Scale
Deputy City Administrator Linda Carlson presents the 2020 wage scale study results. She states the previously discussed Option D keeps the Analytical changes from Option B (reclass SW operator, PD officer, and Sr. PD officer); Option D remerges the Fire Inspector & Fire Lieutenant at a pay range that puts them $1 below the Corporal Level similar to the Firefighter/Officer and Snr Fire/Snr Officer Pay Scale Relationship; Option D remerges the Senior Fire Inspector & Fire Engineer at a Pay Range that puts them $1 below the Sergeant Level similar to the other Police/Fire Position Relationships; Option D Keeps all of the management changes from Option C except the Fire Marshal/Asst Fire Chief have been merged to an average Salary Range for both positions - this may need to be relabeled as Division Chiefs as that is the role they are serving today. Ms. Carlson also states the three Public Works Manager positions were placed together at the M4 level. Deputy City Administrator Linda Carlson states the wage study has been reviewed for quite a few months and she took into consideration supply and demand, cost of living, individual position market study. She states the Fire Department was asked to come to the table and to lower their pay according to positions and market. Ms. Carlson states moving the four Public Works Manager positions to M4 will cost $5,000. Administration staff are asking for approval of wage scale with following parameters: The City will continue on working process of classification of job descriptions. The City is looking at NeoGov and this software will have job descriptions that are fair and marketable. Ms. Carlson discusses incentives for current employees and will continue to look at exempt employees. She states the City will continue to look for ways to improve new higher and current employees and exempt scale.

President Scott Decker asks to eliminate skill base pay as this will open another can of worms.

Commissioner Sarah Trustem thanks everyone for their time they have invested and the multiple pay plans that were presented. She starts off with the intention of making sure that the City is being fair and equitable and the Commissioners have done their best to do this. She states Commissioners are trying to understand the data that was given to them. She has taken it upon herself to reach out to consultants to review this pay scale. She feels this would be fair as employees do not believe this pay scale is fair as it has been done internally and discussions with them can provide a market analysis prior to the end of the year.

Commissioner Carson Steiner feels the staff have done a pretty good job on the wage study. He feels the City has a pretty good handle on the wage study and the wages. He states he cannot justify spending $6,000 to do a wage study his year. He feels the Commission should make a decision and live with it until next year.

Commissioner Jason Fridrich states the Commission is not asking to redo the wage study but just review the study.

Commissioner Sarah Trustem would like to look at every employee and see what the best possible plan is for them. Ms. Trustem states she wants to look at the employee in their eye and say they have made the best decision they know of and the best plan available to them.

Fire Chief Bob Sivak is struggling with this discussion and he can relate to Commissioner Steiner and the past experience that Fire Chief has done as to whether the study is done internally or externally there will be human cry again. He states through the benefit fair employees have made certain decisions for 2020 and now to come to withdrawn those decisions next month based on their salary they were told they would get. He feels that if there is a change in their wages this will put an undue hardship on the employee.

Commissioner Nikki Wolla does agree with Commissioner Trustem to get an outside look and pull back any of our biases on the study and employees.

Commissioner Jason Fridrich states this is the first time that he has seen this sheet and some of the concerns that he brought up in the work session such as positions outside of the market with the information provided and have concerns since day 1 and now that when you see in black and white, some positions are 38% higher than 5 cities listed as comparable. He is not sure if the comparable cities are the best ones to compare to.

Deputy City Administrator Linda Carlson did use Minot as they do an annual wage study and they use 4 counties and eastern ND. They also use two other states to compare.

Police Chief Dustin Dassinger addresses the issue of Dickinson's salaries as Dickinson is competing with Cass county and Fargo. Police Chief Dustin Dassinger has an excellent staff and he does not want Dickinson to become a training ground with investing 3 years and being valuable to western ND and then they get hired by an eastern ND city. He states the biggest challenge right now here is starting salary of Stark and Dunn county wages. The counties are starting $10,000 more and this is a large gap compared to the City's salaries. He states the Stark and Dunn county employees no longer are required to live in their specific counties. He states the counties are starting at $10,000 more a year with no experience.

Commissioner Sarah Trustem states the new plan would put Dickinson Police Department officers second highest in the State of ND. She feels the City will definitely be competitive with those numbers. Again, Commissioner Trustem would like to look at the employee faces and state that the City received outside analysis that this plan is fair and equitable. She states no one is going to make everyone happy but we can do our due diligence.

Commissioner Carson Steiner states the City has the best staff and department. Commissioner Steiner does feels this is the best wage study and pay scale the Commission has seen so far with years and years of working on a wage scale.

President Scott Decker feels comfortable with this plan. He does understand someone else looking at it.

Commissioner Sarah Trustem feels the City has great staff and great team but wants to make sure the City is being fair. She is not saying the scale is not fair but feels there are still issues internally with it. Ms. Trustem thinks the City needs to have outside perspective to make sure it needs to be.

Human Resource Coordinator Shelly Nameniuk feels Commissioner Trustem's idea is good thing to look at next year but to implement the pay plan that is presented this evening. She states one size does not fit all job descriptions in every city. Ms. Nameniuk states employees have made benefit decisions on what they were to receive in 2020. The plan presented this evening could be improved upon at a later date.

President Scott Decker has been advocating for a new pay plan for quite some time. President Decker is completely open to having someone look at the wage scale. He does like the idea of bringing incentive pay to employees that continue with education or bring years of knowledge to the table.

MOTION BY: Carson Steiner
SECONDED BY: Scott Decker
To approve the 2020 wage study that has been shown with Option D with amendments

DISPOSITION: Roll call vote. Aye 2, Nay 3 (Trustem, Fridrich, Wolla, Absent 0
Motion not passed due to lack of Aye votes

Public Works Director Gary Zuroff states he has employees that were hired at a higher wage due to their experience and knowledge and now they are frozen for up to six years. Director Zuroff states at the time of this employees hire this was the market for his position. Director Zuroff feels this employee will be looking elsewhere for a position if they would not get a raise for six years. He states some positions get a 25% increase.

MOTION BY: Sarah Trustem
SECONDED BY: Nikki Wolla
To suspend the 2020 wage study that has been shown with Option D with amendments. Commissioner Sarah Trustem moves that the City seek outside consultant to review the pay scale and to provide data and analysis and to move forward with the pays scale. She states the quote she had gotten is under $15,000 so there is no need to put it out for bid. She would like two Commissioners to join here with the review of this information. She feels the consultant could have this completed by the end of the year.

Commissioner Nikki Wolla rescinds her second to the motion as there needs to be a date on the completion of the review.

MOTION BY: Sarah Trustem
SECONDED BY: Jason Fridrich
To suspend the 2020 wage study that has been shown with Option D with amendments and to move forward with hiring a consultant for under $15,000 to review the proposed 2020 wage study. Also the review should be completed by December 17, 2019.

DISPOSITION: Roll call vote. Aye 3(Trustem, Fridrich, Wolla), Nay 2 (Steiner, Decker), Absent 0
Commissioner Carson Steiner states the City will need to answer to what the study states if there is an increase/decrease in the pay.

Commissioner Sarah Trustem feels many of the positions are well within the market. She states there have been 42 changes from Option A and this side to employee or department heads bringing these issues to light. She states the City needs to look at the fairness of the pay study. She states she understands the concerns of Fire Chief Bob Sivak and the comments but feels the Commission needs to do the right thing and she is not sold on the current presentation of a pay scale. She is not sold on freezing employees for 8 years. She would like to have a fair market analysis.

Commissioner Jason Fridrich would like to see a fair market analysis and the City should define what that fair market analysis is. Also the City does not have to take the recommendation of the consultant.

Commissioner Nikki Wolla states they will take the analysis and rehash it in 2020.
She feels there are many discrepancies for each level on the current presentation of the wage study. She does not know how some can get over a 140% increase. She feels there should be some accountability on it.

The committee to review this wage study consultation will be Commissioners Sarah Trustem and Nikki Wolla.

G. Reports:
1. Hiring Journal
Human Resource Coordinator Shelly Nameniuk updates the Commission on the following open positions: Police Officer, 2 openings and the City is in the interview stage, Corporal position was open and filled internally with Jayden Peters, Communications Specialist - Coordinator Nameniuk states this is a very difficult position to fill and recently an offer was made and in the City is in the background phase, Operation Manager is open until 12/2/19. There was a Collections Route Operator position open internally and one person applied internally. The book mobile position is open and there have been no applicants for this position and it will be reopened.

A. Fire Department
1. None

B. Police Department
1. None

A. Reports:
1. None

A. Reports:
1. None

A. Reports:
1. None

A. Reports:
1. None

5:20 p.m.
Presentation from DSU, Dickinson Parks and Rec and Dickinson Public SchoolsRemoved from agenda.



MOTION BY: Jason Fridrich
SECONDED BY: Sarah Trustem
Adjournment of the meeting at approximately 6:10 P.M.

DISPOSITION: Roll call vote… Aye 5, Nay 0, Absent 0
Motion declared duly passed.

Rita Binstock,
Assistant to City Administrator
Joe Gaa, City Administrator
Scott Decker, President
Board of City Commissioners
Date: November 19, 2019
(Published: November 30, 2019)