REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL FOR LEGAL SERVICES INQUIRIES AND PROPOSALS SHOULD BE DIRECTED TO: MARRIANN MROSS MAYOR CITY OF BELFIELD PO BOX 5, BELFIELD, ND 58622 701-575-4235 I. GENERAL INFORMATION. A. Purpose. This request for proposal (RFP) is to contract for legal services to be provided the CITY OF BELFIELD. B. Who May Respond. Only attorneys who are currently licensed to practice law in ND and maintain an office in ND or law firms including such attorneys, may respond to this RFP. C. Instructions on Proposal Submission. 1. Closing Submission Date. Proposals must be submitted no later than 4:00PM, June 14th 2022 2. Inquiries. Inquiries concerning this RFP should be mailed to: MARRIANN MROSS MAYOR CITY OF BELFIELD PO BOX 5 BELFIELD, ND 58622 3. Conditions of Proposal. All costs incurred in the preparation of a proposal responding to this RFP will be the responsibility of the Offeror and will not be reimbursed by the CITY OF BELFIELD. 4. Instructions to Prospective Contractors. Your proposal should be addressed as follows: MARRIANN MROSS MAYOR CITY OF BELFIELD PO BOX 5 BELFIELD, ND 58622 It is important that the Offeror’s proposal be submitted in a sealed envelope clearly marked in the lower left‐hand corner with the following information: Request for Proposal 4:00PM, June 14th, 2022 SEALED PROPOSAL For Legal Services Failure to do so may result in premature disclosure of your proposal. It is the responsibility of the Offeror to ensure that the proposal is received by the CITY OF BELFIELD, by the date and time specified above. Late proposals will not be considered. 5. Right to Reject. CITY OF BELFIELD reserves the right to reject all proposals received in response to this RFP. A contract for the accepted proposal will be drafted based upon the factors described in this RFP. 6. Notification of Award. It is expected that a decision selecting the successful Firm will be made within two (2) weeks of the closing date for the receipt of proposals. Upon conclusion of final negotiations with the successful Firm, all Offerors submitting proposals in response to this Request for Proposal will be informed, in writing, of the name of the successful consultant. It is expected that the contract shall provide services to the City and act as City Attorney for the City of Belfield. II. SCOPE OF SERVICES. The Offeror shall be readily available to perform the following legal services, as requested by the Mayor and City Council and other city officials as authorized by the city Council. 1. Review city contracts, leases, and other documents 2. Draft and revision of city ordinances and resolutions 3. Advise on individual labor and employment matters 4. Preparation for and attendance at meetings of the City Council as necessary 5. Representation of the City in Municipal Court 6. Availability for consultations, and meetings on city legal matters. 7. Other City Attorney legal services as needed or upon request. III. PROPOSAL CONTENTS. The Offeror, in its proposal, shall, as a minimum, include the following. A. Legal Experience. The Offeror should describe its legal experience, including the names, addresses, contact persons, and telephone numbers of at least three clients, preferably including clients similar to the CITY OF BELFIELD. B. Attorney Qualifications. Please list: 1. Professional and education background. 2. Overall supervision to be exercised. 3. Prior experience of the individual attorneys with respect to the required experience. Education, position in firm, years, and types of experience, and continuing professional education will be considered. C. Price. The Offeror’s proposed price should include information on the hourly billing rate who is expected to work on this representation and charges for expenses, if any, such as legal research, copies, and emails. Also include a monthly flat fee that would be charged to advise on routine matters that could be handled over the telephone or otherwise without extensive research or other legal work. The CITY OF BELFIELD reserves the right to negotiate with the Offeror on the structure of the billing and/or retainer fee. IV. PROPOSAL EVALUATION. A. Submission of Proposals. All proposals shall include an original and six copies. B. Evaluation Procedure and Criteria. CITY OF BELFIELD, MAYOR and appropriate staff/Council will review proposals and make recommendations to the City Council for final approval. The Mayor and/or Council may request a meeting with some qualified Offerors prior to final selection. Proposals will be reviewed in accordance with the following criteria: 1. Proposed approach to scope of work. 2. Level of experience of the individual identified to work on this matter. 3. The Offeror’s experience with similar clients and legal matters. 4. Response from references. 5. Cost. 6. Interviews, if conducted. (May 25, 2022) 66156