SECTION 00 11 13 ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS FROM: 1.01 THE OWNER (HEREINAFTER REFERRED TO AS OWNER ): City of Dickinson 38 1st Street West Dickinson, North Dakota 58601 1.02 AND THE ARCHITECT (HEREINAFTER REFERRED TO AS ARCHITECT ): GT Architecture 401 West Villard Street Suite 206 Dickinson, ND 58601 701-483-8434 1.03 TO: POTENTIAL BIDDERS A. The City of Dickinson will receive sealed bids for the construction of an additional mausoleum building and associated site work at the existing mausoleum site, 947 14th Street East, Dickinson, ND 58601. B. All Bids will be publicly opened and read aloud at the Office of City Hall, 38 1st Street West, Dickinson, North Dakota at 3:00 p.m. local time on February 23rd, 2022. All bids received after the scheduled opening time will be returned to the bidder unopened. C. Bidders shall submit a Prime Bid for Construction. Mechanical and Electrical construction are incidental to the project. D. Drawings and Specifications are available as an electronic pdf from the office of the Architect and the following Builders Exchanges. 1. Dickinson, ND 2. Bismarck/Mandan, ND 3. Fargo, ND 4. Billings, MT 5. Minneapolis, MN 6. Rapid City, SD E. All Bidders are encouraged, but not required to attend a Pre-Bid Meeting scheduled for 2:00 p.m. local time on February 10, 2022. The meeting will be held at the project site, 947 14th Street East, Dickinson, ND 58601. F. Each bid shall be submitted in duplicate and enclosed in a sealed opaque envelope upon which there is disclosed the necessary information as required by the Instructions to Bidders. G. Each bid shall be accompanied by a separate sealed opaque envelope containing a bidder’s bond and executed by the bidder as principal and by a surety company authorized to do business in North Dakota. In addition, contractors shall submit a copy of his/her North Dakota Contractor’s License or certificate of renewal thereof issued by the Secretary of State enclosed in the bid bond envelope. 1. Provide Bid security in the form of a Bid Bond of a sum no less than 5 percent of the Bid Amount including all add alternates to the bid items using Document AIA 310 Bid Bond, conditioned that if bidder’s proposal be accepted and the contract awarded to him/her, within ten (10) days after notice of such award, will effect and execute a contract in accordance with the terms of his bid and a contractor’s bond as required by law and the regulations and determinations of the Owner. 2. Contractors must be licensed for the highest amount of their bid including add alternates as provided by Section 43-07-05 and such license must have been in effect at least ten (10) days prior to the date of the bid opening. H. Bidders attention shall be called to all relevant sections of the North Dakota State Century Code regulating submittal of bids for Public Building Construction. In compliance with Section 43-07-12 and 43-07-05 of the North Dakota Century Code. I. Refer to other bidding requirements described in Document 00 21 13 - Instructions to Bidders and Document 00 31 00 - Available Project Information. J. No bid will be read or considered which does not fully comply with the provisions herein as to bonds and licenses, and any deficient bid submitted will be resealed and returned to the bidder immediately. K. Your offer will be required to be submitted under a condition of irrevocability for a period of 30 days after submission. The Owner further reserves the right to reject any and all bids and to waive irregularities, and shall incur no legal liability for the State for the payment of any monies until contract is awarded and approved by the proper authorities. L. The successful bidder will be required to furnish a Performance-Payment Bond. M. Once the Bids are opened the Owner reserves the right to request for additional information regarding the following yet not limited to: 1. References. 2. Current workload. 3. Past experience. 4. Current manpower. Dated this 2nd day of February, 2022 Brian Winningham City Administrator (Feb. 2, 9 & 16, 2022) 27505