South Heart School District #9 South Hea

South Heart School District #9 South Heart School Board Regular Meeting August 9, 2022 The regular meeting of the South Heart School Board was called to order by Pres. Eberts in Classroom 402 at 6:00 PM. All members present as well as Supt. Dean, Prin. Jung, Prin. Schneider, AD Jerome Hoffman and Business Mgr. Kristine Mehrer. Guests: Kristen Kuntz, Jana Schweigert, Keisha Sparks, Jerica Smith. Steffan moved, second by Kuylen to approve agenda. All in favor; motion carried. Kuylen moved, second by Harper to approve minutes from July 13, 2022. All in favor; motion carried. Kuylen moved, second by Steffan to approve August 2022 bills and payroll and July 2022 financial reports. All in favor; motion carried. Supt. Dean reviewed personnel report: Hire: Kari Anderson, paraprofessional ($16.00/hr). Resignations: Jacqueline Walby from CloseUp, Lola Hushka as custodian, Jerica Romanyshyn as part-time kitchen helper. Job openings 22-23 school year: elementary special education, high school paraprofessional, part-time custodian. Supt. Dean reviewed projected K-12 enrollment report = 390. Mr. Hoffman reviewed Activities Director report: East/West girls golf classic wrapping up, successful fall sports parent meeting, first home events. Prin. Schneider reported: 40 students attending summer school, 12 teachers attended professional development for new math curriculum, attended initial NDCEL principal mentorship meeting August 2, diabetes training for staff August 16. Prin. Jung reported: class schedule and rosters are finalized, registration August 11 and 12. Supt. Dean reported: explained need for larger bus for Dickinson route – school board consensus was to continue to search, recapped Heart River Co-op meeting report – Billings County agreed to increase their share of the co-op expenses from $5000 to $7000, school board member retreat is schedule for Sept 28, 2022. Supt. Dean gave a mini-presentation on mill levies. Steffan moved, second by Kuylen to approve request to dissolve open enrollment for a child of Taura Schantz, child of Amanda Wanner, child of Kristi White and 2 children of Nova Skye (all back to Dickinson). All in favor; motion carried. Kuylen moved, second by Harper to approve open enrollment applications for a child of Brittany Leatherwood in from Belfield – recently moved from out-of-state, and a child of Brandi Kallenbach (already attending South Heart and moved to Dickinson). All in favor; motion carried. Harper moved, second by Steffan to approve 22-23 Expenditure and Revenue Budget as presented. All in favor; motion carried. Steffan moved, second by Kuylen to approve 22-23 property tax levy: Fund 01 $1,301,132.85 Fund 04 $724,864.46 All in favor; motion carried. Kuylen moved, second by Harper to approve administrative request to modify 2022-23 School Calendar – changing September 30 inservice day to student contact day and October 7 to inservice day instead. All in favor; motion carried. Kuylen moved, second by Meduna to approve first reading of amended school board policies BBBA and BCAD. All in favor; motion carried. School board viewed exhibits: BCAD-E1, BCAD-E2, DI-E2, FGA-E4. Meduna reported on RACTC and SWCTE. Kuylen & Steffan reported on August 4 finance committee meeting. Supt. Dean reviewed upcoming events. Kuylen moved, second by Steffan to adjourn at 7:35 PM. ________________________ Mason Eberts, President ________________________ Kristine Mehrer, Business Manager August 2022 Meeting Expenditures Vendor Name Vendor Description Amount Fund: 01 GENERAL FUND ACT FINANCE 24.00 ADVANCED BUSINESS METHODS 2,096.60 AIRGAS USA, LLC 106.76 AMAZON 689.16 BLICK ART MATERIALS 53.89 BRAVERA INSURANCE, INC 28,379.00 CANDLEWOOD SUITES FARGO 190.80 CENGAGE LEARNING 4,310.28 CHARBONNEAU CAR CENTER 402.00 CITY OF SOUTH HEART 1,281.88 CONSOLIDATED TELCOM 315.41 CREATIVE ENERGY - SOUTH HEART 242.08 DEAN, CALVIN 12.50 DICKINSON HEATING & AIR, INC. 285.90 DICKINSON’S BEST CARWASH 16.00 DISCOVERY EDUCATION INC 3,150.18 ECKROTH MUSIC 416.00 EDUTECH 60.00 ETS SYSTEMS, INC 112.62 FORUM COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY 344.77 HEART COUNTRY LLC 87.34 HOOPSTER INC 100.00 INNOVATIVE OFFICE SOLUTIONS, LLC 101.04 JAYMAR BUSINESS FORMS, INC. 338.18 LAKESHORE 243.83 LEARNING WITHOUT TEARS 1,968.23 LEFOR, DEANA 52.50 MCGRAW-HILL SCHOOL EDUCATION 217.60 HOLDINGS, LLC MENARDS DICKINSON 733.63 MONTANA DAKOTA UTILITIES 4,612.05 MULTIMEDIA SALES & MARKETING 289.00 NASCO EDUCATION 24.37 NDCEL 1,774.00 NEWBY’S ACE HARDWARE 452.96 NORTH DAKOTA ATTORNEY GENERAL 15.00 PERFORMANCE TRUCK CENTER 2,307.08 PLANBOOKEDU LLC 760.00 REALLY GOOD STUFF, INC. 173.20 RESP 1,500.00 ROCHESTER 100 INC. 350.90 SANFORD HEALTH OCCUPATIONAL 180.00 MEDICINE CLINIC SCHOLASTIC, INC. 1,001.75 SCHOOL SPECIALTY,LLC 904.24 SHELL OIL - DICKINSON 59.07 SOUTH HEART SCHOOL ACTIVITY FU 119.82 STARK COUNTY AUDITOR 200.00 STECKLER, RHONDA 43.34 SUMMIT FIRE PROTECTION 341.00 SUPER DUPER PUBLICATIONS 129.35 THEMES & VARIATIONS INC 174.95 TIME MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS 251.20 U.S.POSTAL SERVICE 2.72 WEST MUSIC 398.38 WILMINGTON TRUST, N.A. 77,161.25 WORKFORCE SAFETY & INSURANCE 4,813.27 Fund 01 Total: 144,371.08 Fund: 05 FOOD SERVICE FUND NARDINI FIRE EQUIPMENT CO, INC. 556.00 Fund 05 Total: 556.00 Fund: 06 STUDENT ACTIVITY FUND BSNSPORTS, LLC 4,089.62 CARLSTAD, SARAH 240.00 FOUR SEASONS TROPHIES 271.02 IMPACT APPLICATIONS INC 462.00 LOGO MAGIC, INC. 2,056.00 ROBB, KARLA 500.00 rSchool Today / Distributed 300.00 Website Corp SELVIG, DEREK 500.00 Fund 06 Total: 8,418.64 (Sept. 21, 2022) 102718