South Heart School District #9 South Hea

South Heart School District #9 South Heart School Board Regular Meeting September 14, 2022 The regular meeting of the South Heart School Board was called to order by Pres. Eberts in Classroom 404 at 6:03 PM. All members present as well as Supt. Dean, Prin. Jung, Prin. Schneider, AD Jerome Hoffman and Business Mgr. Kristine Mehrer. Guests: Ashley Heinen, Jana Schweigert. Kuylen moved, second by Steffan to approve agenda. All in favor; motion carried. Public tax hearing was held – no patrons appeared to comment. Prin Jung recognized Mrs. Wagner for her work on the Cougar Connection. Prin. Schneider recognized the students and staff of the month. Steffan moved, second by Kuylen to approve minutes from August 9, 2022. All in favor; motion carried. Harper moved, second by Kuylen to approve September 2022 bills and payroll and August 2022 financial reports. All in favor; motion carried. Supt. Dean reviewed personnel report: Hire: Sarah Carlstad, part-time custodian ($16.00/hr). Heart River Co-op coashes: Kirby Robb, Head Girls Golf ($3,670.00), Tom Meyerhoeffer, Asst Girls Golf ($1,820.00), Lindsey Delvo, Head Cross Country ($2,285.00), Sara Gieseke, Elementary Girls Basketball ($1,120.00, Sage Froehlich, Elementary Girls Basketball ($875.00), Lilly Kelley, Elementary Girls Basketball ($1,000.00), Ryan Roller, Elementary Boys Basketball ($1,900.00). Job openings 22-23 school year: elementary special education, high school paraprofessional. Supt. Dean reviewed enrollment report: PK = 18, K-12 = 388. Mr. Hoffman reviewed Activities Director report: fall sports update, 1 Girls Golf state qualifier to date, choir and band sounded great at home volleyball game. Prin. Schneider reported: Mrs Cerkoney, Ms. Schweigert, and Mrs. Smith are mentoring new teachers, K-6 students completed benchmark baselines, K-6 teachers began “The Writing Revolution” professional development, reviewed upcoming events. Prin. Jung reported: 7-12 staff began NDSA and ACT standards mapping, student organizations have begun meeting, Best Friends Mentoring program training for interested students, juniors and seniors to go on college tour Sept 21 & 22, Vision Zero presentation Sept 28 and Parent Teacher Conferences Sept 22 and 29. Supt. Dean reported: Denny’s Electric donated a Heart River Cougars trailer; Cognia visitation has been rescheduled to next year, reviewed a list of projects, gave a brief update on the Heart River Athletic Coop administrators meeting. Supt. Dean gave a mini-presentation on certified staff evaluations and the Rocky Mountain Evaluation System. Kuylen moved, second by Steffan to approve second reading of amended school board policies BBBA and BCAD. All in favor; motion carried. Steffan moved, second by Kuylen to approve request to dissolve open enrollment application for 2 children of Lynette Woodruff to return to Dickinson. All in favor; motion carried. Kuylen moved, second by Harper to approve the 2022-23 school year DPI School and LEA Compliance Report. All in favor; motion carried. Harper moved, second by Kuylen to approve amended contracts for certified staff due to lane changes: Ashley Heinen ($48,200.00), Deana Lefor ($51,470.00), Alyssa Radzak ($49,600.00), Susan Reinhiller ($64,900.00), Keisha Sparks ($49,800.00). All in favor; motion carried. Meduna reported on RACTC and SWCTE. Supt. Dean reviewed upcoming events. Kuylen moved, second by Harper to adjourn at 7:07 PM. ____________________ Mason Eberts, President ____________________ Kristine Mehrer, Business Manager Sept 2022 Meeting Expenditures Vendor Name Vendor Description Amount Checking 1 Fund: 01 GENERAL FUND A-1 SPRINKLERS 98.97 ADVANCED BUSINESS METHODS 2,096.60 AIRGAS USA, LLC 218.86 ALDERMAN, CLAIRE 486.38 ALTERNATIVE WRECKER SERVICE, INC 550.00 AMAZON 231.94 APPLE.COM 84.99 BOEDEKER, KELSEY 178.50 CARE INC 12.00 CITY OF SOUTH HEART 10,534.76 CLEAN SWEEP VACUUM CENTER 326.87 CONSOLIDATED 126.00 CONSOLIDATED TELCOM 349.24 D & E Supply Co, Inc. 742.12 DEAN, CALVIN 50.00 DEAN, PAMELA 51.07 DELVO, LINDSEY 138.88 DFC AGRI-PRODUCTS 281.70 ECKROTH MUSIC 74.95 ETS SYSTEMS, INC 66.00 EVAN-MOOR EDUCATIONAL PUB. 184.94 EVERSPRING INN 345.60 FOCUS 48 MOBRIDGE SD 742.50 FORUM COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY 356.01 FOUR SEASONS TROPHIES 37.00 GOOGLE SVCAPPS 12.00 HEART COUNTRY LLC 2,186.80 IN HOME COMPUTER SERVICE LLC 515.00 INNOVATIVE OFFICE SOLUTIONS, LLC 291.83 IXL LEARNING 6,413.00 J.W. PEPPER & SON INC 691.58 JOHN DEERE FINANACIAL 423.08 JUST IN GLASS 229.15 LAKESHORE 239.60 LEFOR, DEANA 292.13 MAGIC-WRIGHTER, INC 350.00 MCGRAW-HILL SCHOOL EDUCATION 330.70 HOLDINGS, LLC MENARDS DICKINSON 365.99 MONTANA DAKOTA UTILITIES 6,216.52 MULLIGANS CATERING 1,058.10 NATIONAL GYM SUPPLY, INC 92.90 ND BOARD OF NURSING 240.00 ND CAREER & TECHNICAL EDUCATION 175.00 ND CENTER FOR DISTANCE EDUCATION 8,745.00 ND FBLA-PBL 271.50 ND FFA ASSOCIATION 400.00 ND SCHOOL BOARD ASSOCIATION 375.00 ND STUDENT ACTIVITIES ASSOCIATION 110.00 NDCEL 3,810.00 NETWORK SERVICES CO 317.11 NORTH DAKOTA ATTORNEY GENERAL 165.00 NORTHWEST TIRE INC 535.72 OLSON, BOBBIE 199.26 PAPA’S PUMPKIN PATCH, LLP 143.00 PATHWAYS TO READING, INC 387.20 PERFORMANCE TRUCK CENTER 8,343.20 PERSON, MARGARET 47.26 RADISSON HOTEL BISMARCK 172.80 RAMADA BISMARCK HOTEL 86.40 REALLY GOOD STUFF, INC. 125.08 REINHILLER, SUSAN 136.25 RESP 3,240.00 ROBB, KIRBY 512.69 RUNNING’S SUPPLY, INC. 2.78 SANFORD HEALTH OCCUPATIONAL 180.00 MEDICINE CLINIC SCHOOL SPECIALTY,LLC 974.70 SIMONSONS - VILLARD 68.24 SOUTH HEART SCHOOL ACTIVITY FU 150.00 SUPREME SCHOOL SUPPLY INC. 810.22 TIME MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS 272.00 TRICORNE AUDIO, INC 115.00 U.S.POSTAL SERVICE 1.68 ULINE 105.32 UNPLUGGED 827.00 WEST RIVER STUDENT SERVICES 7,272.00 WESTERN DAKOTA ENERGY ASSOCIATION 3,604.97 WILMINGTON TRUST, N.A. 400.00 Fund 01 Total: 81,395.64 Fund: 05 FOOD SERVICE FUND D & E Supply Co, Inc. 113.56 DEPT. OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION 2,415.39 ESJD-BISMARCK 2,090.28 NISTLER, MARY 223.68 SOUTH 40 BEEF 1,560.34 SYSCO NORTH DAKOTA 15,922.13 Fund 05 Total: 22,325.38 Fund: 06 STUDENT ACTIVITY FUND ABRAHAMSON, JOHN 164.75 ALDERMAN, CLAIRE 60.00 ANDERSON, KIM 40.00 BECK, JENNA 500.00 BINSTOCK, BRITTANY 30.00 BLACK HILLS STATE UNIVERSITY 750.00 BOEDEKER, KELSEY 251.64 BOESPFLUG TRAILERS 14,000.00 BOSCH, JODI 148.50 BOWMAN COUNTY SCHOOL 150.00 BRAUN DISTRIBUTING 1,056.96 BRYCE WIGERT MEDICAL FUND 150.00 BSNSPORTS, LLC 893.03 COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. 2,114.40 ESLINGER, ALEXIA 90.25 FATH, TOM 89.50 FITTERER, CHRIS 145.75 FLAAGAN, DREW 100.70 FLAAGAN, KEVIN 182.00 FOUR SEASONS TROPHIES 278.82 FRIDRICH, JASON 117.00 GEIGER, ALAN 90.00 HICKEY, BRIAN 188.25 HUDL 5,097.00 JACOBS, BRIDGET 60.00 JOHNSON, ELAINE 80.00 JOSTENS 96.36 JUNG, JAMIE 89.50 JUNG, SCOTT 161.50 KELLER, JARED 223.00 KESSEL, ALLY 40.00 KILLDEER PUBLIC SCHOOL 190.00 KLEIN, ANDREW 35.00 KLEIN, HOPE 164.75 KLEINJAN, NOLAN 89.50 KUNTZ, KRISTEN 140.00 KUYLEN, SARAH 310.00 LACHER, KRISTIN 164.75 LARSON, MATHEW 393.00 LEADBETTER, JON 124.50 LEFOR, DEANA 80.00 LEFOR, TREVOR 200.00 MANDAN HIGH SCHOOL 100.00 MOE, SHAYDEN 20.00 MOSER, FERNAND 179.00 ND FFA ASSOCIATION 3,275.00 NDCEL 130.00 NDHSAA 222.75 NETWORK SERVICES CO 164.02 NORTH DAKOTA ATTORNEY GENERAL 56.25 NORTHERN BOTTLING COMPANY 1,851.00 RADZAK, ALYSSA 70.00 REOMMICH, DERRICK 177.75 RESP 120.00 ROLLER, RYAN 51.25 SANFORD HEALTH OCCUPATIONAL 90.00 MEDICINE CLINIC SILBERNAGEL, MEG 40.00 SITTER, KAITLYN 20.00 SMITH, JERICA 76.50 SOUTH HEART SCHOOL DISTRICT 92.90 SPORTS IMPORTS 4,685.80 STREITZ, JAKE 20.00 THEODORE ROOSEVELT MEDORA 240.60 FOUNDATION TOM O’LEARY GOLF COURSE 168.00 URBAN, DORIS 60.00 UTTECH, ARWIN 311.40 WAGNER, LORI 30.00 WOLF, BRENT 89.50 WYANT, CADE 62.50 Fund 06 Total: 41,734.63 (Oct. 19, 2022) 112324