South Heart School District #9 South Hea

South Heart School District #9 South Heart School Board Regular Meeting March 8, 2023 School Board 2022-23: Mason Eberts, President Sarah Kuylen, Vice President Lynae Harper, Director Barbara Meduna, Director Jarrod M Steffan, Director Kristine Mehrer, Business Mgr. The regular meeting of the South Heart School Board was called to order by Pres. Eberts in Room 402 at 6:00 PM. All members present, as well as Supt. Dean, Prin. Jung, AD Jerome Hoffman, Business Mgr. Kristine Mehrer, GUESTS: Ashley Heinen, Jerica Smith, Elizabeth Kuelbs, Erika Honeyman. Pledge of allegiance Kuylen moved, second by Harper to approve agenda. All in favor; motion carried. Kuylen moved, second by Meduna to approve minutes from February 15 and 19, 2023 as presented. Steffan-Nay, Harper – Nay, Kuylen-Aye, Eberts-Aye, Meduna-Aye - motion carried. Harper moved, second by Steffan to approve March 2023 bills and payroll and February 2023 financial reports. All in favor; motion carried. Supt Dean reviewed personnel report: Carter Maynard resigned as Heart River Coop Head Football Coach. South Heart School job openings: Agriculture Education Teacher/FFA Advisor. Supt. Dean reviewed enrollment report: PK = 19, K-12 = 387. Mr. Hoffman reported on: spring sports start dates; Speech team has 2 state qualified students, Future City team returned from Washington DC trip, hosting High School Acalympics on March 10. Prin. Schneider reported: Spring Music Concert March 28 6:30 PM, State Spelling Bee March 20, State testing begins March 21, recognized students of the month, reviewed professional development. Prin. Jung reported: legislative trip postponed due to weather, he toured the SWCTE Academy with the juniors, 9 students attending SCRUBS camp March 16, 23-24 registration at end of March. Supt. Dean reviewed documents from NDHSAA regarding dissolution of Heart River basketball Coop, upcoming changes to North Dakota State Assessment, Dunn County is offering a grant to be used to pay down construction debt. Supt. Dean reviewed Legislative update. Kuylen moved, second by Steffan to approve petition from South Heart Education Association (SHEA) and determine the question of representation for upcoming negotiations. All in favor; motion carried. Harper moved, second by Kuylen to approve request from Mindy Wood to dissolve her child’s open enrollment to Dickinson and be re-admitted into South Heart. All in favor; motion carried. Meduna moved, second by Steffan to approve Supt. Dean’s evaluation with satisfactory rating in all areas. All in favor; motion carried. Harper moved, second by Steffan to approve administration request to split 1.0 FTE Title 1 Teacher/Interventionist into 1.0 Title 1 Teacher and .52 FTE Interventionist. All in favor; motion carried. Kuylen moved, second by Harper to approve open enrollment applications for: 1 child of Todd & Elizabeth Kuelbs (in from Belfield); 1 child of Mandi Wandler and 1 child of Jennifer Sitter (in from Billings County); 3 children of Dana Tescher (in from Beach); 1 child of Brittany Meyer, 1 child of Karla Haugen, 1 child of Trista Keith, 1 child of Kayla Brunmeier, 1 child of Sharon Berger, 1 child of Erika Honeyman, 1 child of Sandra Tibor, 1 child of Erin Merchant (all in from Dickinson) and to disapprove open enrollment applications for 1 child of Raquel Knopik, 1 child of Chesna Rogers, and 1 child of Todd & Elizabeth Kuelbs (all from Belfield); 1 child of Brittany Gream, 1 child of Aden Swanson, 1 child of Amanda Hieronymus, 3 children of Michelle Palmer, 2 children of Jessica Wojahn, 1 child of Emily Vernlund, 1 child of Sabrina Wieseler, 2 children of Trisha Walker, 1 child of Denise Metz/David Dworshak (all from Dickinson). All in favor; motion carried. Kuylen reported on RESP. Meduna reported on SWCTE Academy. Curriculum/ Policy committee will work on updating and revising the Superintendent Evaluation. Supt. Dean indicated that the street project needs to be done this summer. Co-Curricular committee will be meeting soon regarding basketball. Eberts reviewed upcoming events. Kuylen moved, second by Steffan to adjourn at 7:48 PM. Mason Eberts, President Kristine Mehrer, Business Manager South Heart School District 9 Board Report - For Newspaper Page: 1 Mar 2023 Expenditures Vendor Name Vendor Description Amount Fund: 01 GENERAL FUND ADOBE SYSTEMS INCORPORATED 239.88 ADVANCED BUSINESS METHODS 2,096.60 ALPHA-AMERICAN PROGRAMMABLE SIGNS,INC 179.00 AMAZON 1,766.15 APPLE.COM 746.86 AVI SYSTEMS, INC 629.00 BOEDEKER, KELSEY 170.80 CENEX TRI-ENERGY BISMARCK 62.94 CITY OF SOUTH HEART 1,187.59 COLE PAPERS INC 1,592.00 CONSOLIDATED 115.00 CONSOLIDATED TELCOM 357.80 D & E Supply Co, Inc. 715.11 DAKOTA DUST-TEX, INC 171.50 DEAN, CALVIN 94.98 DELVO, LINDSEY 67.80 DICKINSON HIGH SCHOOL 315.00 DICKINSON STATE HERITAGE FOUNDATION 140.00 FORUM COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY 204.05 FUTURE CITY 15.00 HEART COUNTRY LLC 1,943.71 HOBBY LOBBY 155.51 HOTEL SUPPLY WAREHOUSE 26.20 HURT, FRANK 10,620.04 I-94 CONFERENCE 250.00 J.W. PEPPER & SON INC 55.49 KINDLE SVCS - AMAZON 8.99 KOPPINGER, KEN 8,522.80 KUBAS, DEL 9,088.22 KUDRNA BUS SERVICE, LLC 11,309.76 KUNTZ, KRISTEN 75.00 MAKERBOT INDUSTRIES, LLC 1,753.73 MANN’S PLUMBING & HEATING 701.62 MARSH, EMERSON 5,896.00 MENARDS DICKINSON 602.73 MONTANA DAKOTA UTILITIES 10,704.25 ND DRIVER & TRAFFIC SAFETY EDUCATION ASSOC 125.00 ND FCCLA 847.00 NORTH DAKOTA COUNSELING ASSOCIATION 218.40 NORTH DAKOTA SCIENCE OLYMPIAD 170.00 ONLINE EEI.COM (107.49) PAPA JOHN’S DICKINSON 125.85 PAVLISH, LANDON 150.00 PERFORMANCE TRUCK CENTER 608.01 PIZZA HUT - BISMARCK 198.06 Mar 2023 Expenditures Vendor Name Vendor Description Amount RADISSON HOTEL BISMARCK 86.40 REINHILLER, SUSAN 25.52 SCHOOL SPECIALTY,LLC 118.62 SLEEP INN AND SUITES BISMARCK 88.20 SOUTH HEART SENIOR CENTER 35.00 SOUTHWEST GRAIN-DICKINSON 44.90 SPARKS, KEISHA 75.00 STEIN’S INC 310.20 TIME MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS 281.60 U.S.POSTAL SERVICE 94.63 USPS.COM 1,443.40 WALMART 257.78 WEST RIVER STUDENT SERVICES 2,200.00 WRITING REVOLUTION, INC, THE 1,800.00 Fund 01 Total: 81,777.19 Fund: 05 FOOD SERVICE FUND CAPITAL CITY RESTAURANT SUPPLY 161.34 D & E Supply Co, Inc. 77.05 ESJD-BISMARCK 1,783.29 NARDINI FIRE EQUIPMENT CO, INC. 618.00 NISTLER, MARY 29.95 SCHOOL NUTRITION ASSOC. 53.25 SYSCO NORTH DAKOTA 12,108.44 Fund 05 Total: 14,831.32 Fund: 06 STUDENT ACTIVITY FUND BECK, JENNA 100.00 BONDLEY, BRANDON 150.00 BROCK, KIEVA 60.00 BSNSPORTS, LLC 6,327.53 COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. 668.70 ESJD-BISMARCK 77.76 FIELDS, REGINALD 143.25 FORUM COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY 38.00 GARDNER, ROBERT 53.88 GORDON, RICHARD 55.90 HALL, KELLI 53.88 HALL, RANDY 320.30 HOLDER, BRIAN 150.00 JOSTENS 922.35 KUYLEN, SARAH 105.00 LEADBETTER, JON 129.50 LEFOR, DEANA 70.00 LOGO MAGIC, INC. 600.00 LYDEEN, BRIAN 150.00 MICHELS, DONNELL 195.75 ND FCCLA 200.00 Mar 2023 Expenditures Vendor Name Vendor Description Amount NORTHERN BOTTLING COMPANY 546.00 OBRIGEWITSCH, QUENTIN 35.00 SIMPLY FLOWERS & GIFTS 90.93 SMITH, JERICA 1,028.80 SOUTH HEART SCHOOL DISTRICT 227.66 SYSCO NORTH DAKOTA 108.45 WAGNER, JARRED 138.92 WOHLETZ, JEREMY 150.00 Fund 06 Total: 12,897.56 (April 19, 2023) 214620