August 20, 2019

President Scott Decker called the meeting to order at 8:00 AM.

Present were: President Scott Decker, Commissioners Nicole Wolla, Sarah Trustem and Carson Steiner.
Absent: Commissioner Jason Fridrich via Telephone.

A. Stark Development Joint Meeting
Executive Vice President Ryan Jilek along with Stark Development Board Members and Staff attend the Stark Development Joint Meeting along with the City Commissioners. Mr. Jilek updates the City Commissioners on the Facade Improvement Program which $250,000 have been spent towards projects in 2019. Also there was a request today for Pace projects of $200,000. Mr. Jilek states this program spurs and helps business grow.

He states Stark Development has been doing more marketing and has been focusing on workforce recruitment with the President Scott Decker. Stark Development has hired a new SBDC Manager whom is a DSU teacher. He states Stark Development has granted $100,000 to a daycare which has added 110 kids. He states the community is struggling with finding open spots at daycares. Mr. Jilek states TMI has now converted to an employee owned organization.

Commissioner Sarah Trustem states Dickinson Public School is trying to have a joint meeting in the community to have the community work together for a vision.

B. Proposed Revisions to International Fire Code
Fire Chief Bob Sivak states the 2018 Fire Code has an addition of retroactivity clauses and this is dealing with Class A. Chief Sivak states Lady J's, Eagles Club and Army's would not be in compliance with the 2018 Fire Code as they do not have sprinklers or alarms in these buildings and they can hold 300+ attendees.

Fire Marshal Mark Selle require all A2 to have sprinklers and they also serve alcohol. Fire Marshal Selle states Army's did get a quote to install sprinklers and alarms and this would cost approximately $67,000. Marshal Selle would like for the 2018 Fire Code to be adopted by 1/1/20.

Fire Chief Bob Sivak along with Administrator Joe Gaa will meet with the three entities that will not be in compliance.

C. Portfolios
Administrator Joe Gaa discusses portfolios.

Commissioner Carson Steiner does like the idea of having everyone involved in the decisions and information that is discussed by the City. He does feel there will be problems with the departments as one person will want to have their individual department to have money for items and eventually this will become a problem and a mess. He does feel that in his experience having a portfolio will divide the departments and then the departments will not get along and the situation will become ugly.

President Scott Decker states Dickinson is the only City that does not have portfolios and he states the other cities do not have issues with portfolios. He feels having portfolios will be nice in order to have a direct link to the departments. President Decker states portfolios have been talked about for the past four years.

Commissioner Sarah Trustem states she likes portfolios in order to have a more educated cohesive body. She suggests to rotate every year on the departments the Commissioners would have. Ms. Trustem states portfolios are not to gain power or greed but to better serve the community. She feels there will be an educated Commissioner on each project.

City Administrator Joe Gaa is questioning on how to find balance of Commissioners not telling the Department Head what to do and this portfolio issue is a surprise to staff.

Commissioner Nikki Wolla states it is hard to make more time to meet with the departments at this time.

Commissioner Jason Fridrich would like to research portfolios a little further to see if the City would want to implement portfolios.

City Engineer Craig Kubas said that he has not heard about portfolios for the past four years and would hate to put someone in a position that would have two bosses. He states there would be no clear chain of command. He feels the department head could be pulled into different directions and this is a general concern and the perception would be of having two bosses. Kubas feels there would be no clear chain of command.

Fire Chief Bob Sivak states he was in employed at the City when they had portfolios in the past and it was the ugly years. Chief Sivak states portfolios put employees and employers against each other and departments against each other. He feels portfolios will be a road map to micromanagement. Also he feels Commissioners could have a conflict of interest with portfolios.

Public Works Director Gary Zuroff is concerned and does agree with both City Engineer Kubas and Fire Chief Sivak that this would cause for the department to have two different bosses and would be in a hard spot to choose. Also concerned about the chain of command. Director Zuroff does feel that the department heads already do include the Commissioners on committees and get their opinion prior to bringing the item to the Commission.

MOTION BY: Sarah Trustem
SECONDED BY: Carson Steiner
Adjournment of the meeting at approximately 3:45 PM.

DISPOSITION: Roll call vote. Aye 4, Nay 0, Absent 1
Motion declared duly passed.

Rita Binstock,
Assistant to City Administrator
Joe Gaa, City Administrator
Scott Decker, President
Board of City Commissioners
Date: September 3, 2019
(Published: August 31, 2019)