SEPTEMBER 17, 2019

President Scott Decker called the meeting to order at 2:30 PM.

Present were: President Scott Decker, Commissioners Nicole Wolla, Sarah Trustem, Jason Fridrich and Carson Steiner.
Absent: None

A. Liquor License Classification Discussion
City Administrator Joe Gaa updates the Commissioners on the request of adding convenience stores to the liquor licenses. He would also like to discuss adding alcohol to entertainment venues and limits on liquor licenses.

Commissioner Jason Fridrich wonders why the City would continue to bring this subject up again. He thought that since it was reviewed a couple of years ago the licenses would stay as they are at this time. Commissioner Fridrich states Bismarck has their licenses along with food sales.

Commissioner Carson Steiner questions why the City would search for problems with the liquor licenses and not just leave them as they are at this time.

President Scott Decker would like to see the lift on limited liquor licenses.

Commissioner Sarah Trustem states that this issue did not receive support in the past and would like to hear what the license holders would say about this issue again.

Police Chief Dustin Dassinger states this issue has been visited numerous times and the Police Department will enforce the ordinance set by the Commissioners. The Police Department did not bring this item forward at this time. He states that alcohol or drug related events along with mental health calls are 98% of their calls.

President Decker would like to review this once the new census is out.

Commissioner Jason Fridrich states there was no support on expanding the licenses except for a few people. Commissioner Fridrich states prior discussion was to not allow all convenience stores to have a liquor license especially those with a small radius or square footage. Commissioner Fridrich feels the City has more important items and issues to deal with than alcohol.

Commissioner Nikki Wolla would like to see convenience stores have alcohol.

Administrator Joe Gaa would like to look at this more from a creative standpoint than from the community.

President Scott Decker states if the Commissioners are interested in putting this on the agenda to let Administrator Gaa know.

B. Villard Project Update
City Engineer Craig Kubas states NDDOT are concerned about the lighting on Villard and are asking the City to reroute conduit to existing poles. NDDOT feel that it would be a benefit to keep Villard lit during construction or to see what part of Villard could be dark at times. City Engineer Kubas states the City is short staff at this time and would not be able to locate all those areas. City Engineer Kubas gives another option of temporary lights. The construction will be in June, 2020. He states summer does not get dark until late so it might not be an issue. Engineer Kubas does suggest temporary lights.

Public Works Director Gary Zuroff feels power could be brought to intersections only.

C. Recycling Discussion
Solid Waste Manager Aaron Praus is looking for direction in the next step to recycling. Manager Praus states residential recycling is going very well. He discusses the option of expanding to commercial recycling. He feels this will be quite expensive and feels that once the garbage cans are full residents will put their garbage in the recycling bins therefore contaminating the recycling. Manager Praus states the baler building is now used for recycling.

Recycling/Collections Coordinator Rachel Shumaker states the City wants to be prepared to take on extra recycling. She states at this time there is no room for outside recycling. Places such as Medora, Beach and other places would like to bring their recycling. Coordinator Shumaker states there will be a demonstration on the 27th at 1:00 pm to educate the public.

D. Snow Action Plan Review
Public Works Director Gary Zuroff presents a snow plan to the Commissions on how to deal with severe weather events.

Commissioner Sarah Trustem would like for Mr. Zuroff and the City to discuss the plan with Dickinson Public Schools and Dickinson Catholic Schools.

Commissioner Carson Steiner feels the snow route is good and feels that the City should relay the route to the residents. He feels the biggest complaint is blocking driveways.

Chief Street Maintenance Operator Darryl Wehner reviews the routes that are federal and state roads and City roads. Operator Wehner discusses the amount of snow that would require the city to go and plow. He feels when the snow impedes the traffic then it would require the plows to go out and plow. Operator Wehner suggests that the City require cars to move from one side of the road to the other on certain days as this would save a lot of time in removing snow.

City Commissioners feel that discussion should happen between Public Works Director Gary Zuroff and Administrator Joe Gaa in order to call a no travel in Dickinson. This issue will be brought to the October meeting.

E. Houston Engineering Landfill Update
Houston Engineering Staff updates the Commission on the following: Completed sampling has been done and this went very well. Resampling will need to be done again in five years. The north area has been bored and analyzed. They discuss the existing site as Houston Engineering is very pleased with the way the facility is run and feels there are a lot of opportunity to expand and maintain the existing facility. They feel there is at least 57 years of operating yet if it would be comingled with MSW and inert. Discussion takes placed of the airspace, inert capacity and MSW. Houston Engineering is going to approach the State of North Dakota to request some type of permit modification. They feel the conceptual design is the way to move forward.

Public Works Director Gary Zuroff states possibly the City should expand where the current location is at.

Houston Engineering will discuss with the state the flexibility to co-mingle and the air quality.

MOTION BY: Jason Fridrich SECONDED BY: Sarah Trustem
Adjournment of the meeting at approximately 4:05 PM.

DISPOSITION: Roll call vote. Aye 5, Nay 0, Absent 0
Motion declared duly passed.
Rita Binstock, Assistant to City Administrator
Joe Gaa, City Administrator
Scott Decker, President
Board of City Commissioners
Date: October 2, 2019
(Published: September 28, 2019)