Unofficial December 13, 2021 Mayor Jason

December 13, 2021
Mayor Jason Lee called the meeting to order December 13, 2021 at 7:01 pm.
Present were: Mayor- Jason Lee, City Auditor – Faith Van Horn
Alderpersons: Marnie Dietz, Denise Dietz, Sue Feldman
Absent: Troy Finneman
City Council Meeting Minutes from November 8, 2021 were read and approved as written.
Department Reports:
Lagoon/Landfill/Streets- Nothing new to report.
Grounds – Nothing new to report.
Water/Sewer – Waiting on new water meters to be replaced.
Buildings – Nothing new to report.
• Marnie Dietz made motion to hire Brady Martz to do our 1099’s and W-2’s. Sue Feldman seconded. Motion passed
• Sue Feldman made motion to assess two bills from fixing a resident’s curb stop to their water bill, and set the deadline for payment to be made by January 26th. Marnie Dietz seconded. Motion passed.
• Denise Dietz made motion to let State-Line Vending set up a vending machine inside the City Hall. Sue Feldman seconded. Motion passed.
Auditor Wages: $494.99 Midstate: $86.53 GVC Treasurer: $180.10
MDU: $850.92 City of Beach: $135.60 Olson Service: $217.00 SW Water Authority: $957.60 Forum Communications: $53.13 CT Electric: $529.24
Faith VH Reimbursement: $62.98 Dean VH: $800.00 Rohan Hardware: $19.96
Jandt Plumbing: $623.05 Polar Trucking: $387.50
Denise Dietz motioned to approve payment of bills. Sue Feldman seconded. Motion carried.
Sue Feldman motioned to adjourn meeting. Denise Dietz seconded. Meeting adjourned at 7:32 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Faith Van Horn, Auditor
(Jan. 5, 2021)