January 19, 2021
President Scott Decker called the meeting to order at 2:30 PM.
Present were: President Scott Decker, Vice President Jason Fridrich, Commissioners Nikki Wolla, Suzi Sobolik and John Odermann.
Absent: None
A. Giving Hearts Proclamation
President Scott Decker presents the 2021 Giving Hearts Proclamation. All Commissioners agree to put this onto the February 2, 2021 agenda.
B. SW Night with the Legislators
City Administrator Brian Winningham presents the SW Night at the Legislators event, which will be occurring on February 22, 2021. He states normally there is a table provided and discusses the booth.
Police Chief Dustin Dassinger feels this it is very valuable to have representation from Dickinson.
City Attorney Christina Wenko states this is an informational gathering and all Commissioners can attend.
City Commissioner John Odermann states this is an evening to convince those undecided to help advocate for things in western ND. He states Commissioners and staff can make connections at this event. He states the Chamber does an excellent job.
City Administrator Brian Winningham states the City will register for the event. This would be a great opportunity to listen to what speakers have and to talk to people privately. He feels the City should create a page to help elevate their pitches.
Commissioner John Odermann feels the City should have areas to focus on and can share with the legislators.
City Administrator Brian Winningham feels the City should limit to about three topics and a couple of bills that may affect the City in long term but more of what the City wants to talk to and ask for from the legislators. He feels the City should develop where the priorities lie as a Commission.
C. Municipal Code Amendment - Tobacco
City Attorney Christina Wenko states last spring the Commission implemented changes to the tobacco ordinance, these changes resulted from previous discussions with SW District Health. This ordinance came forward for approval and shortly thereafter Commissioners raised concerns with one-day suspensions on the first offense. Police Chief Dustin Dassinger has had conversations with retailers and SW District Health. The memo attached has the summary of the conversations. This proposed change reflects the restrictions and penalties for a minor purchasing alcohol. The City wants to be more consistent. The City has met with the retailers and they are not in favor of the fines and suspensions. The SW District Health feels the City is too lenient on the retailers. They suggest removing the one-day suspension, increasing the fines, and removing all suspensions to have larger fines.
Police Chief Dustin Dassinger states there really have been no second or third offenses in a 24-month period. Yes, the City has suspended licenses for a period of time.
Commissioner Jason Fridrich states, if they get their license suspended for three days and a $2,500 dollar fine, they are probably not going to let it happen again.
City Attorney Christina Wenko states, when the Police Department and SW District Health have done compliance checks, people have failed. Then the Commissioners received calls and that is when you requested the re-evaluation of this code.
Commissioner Jason Fridrich states a second offense deserves a suspension. He is okay with lower fines at 500, 750 and 1500. He feels the one-day suspension is okay as they should have some skin in the game. The license holders need to train their people properly.
City Attorney Christina Wenko states the second offense, with a one-day suspension, third offense with a three-day suspension and fines as listed.
Police Chief Dustin Dassinger will inform SW District Health of what is being proposed and what is coming before the Commission.
D. 2021 CIP Projects
City Administrator Brian Winningham provides a list of CIP projects for informational purposes. He presents this list as the upcoming budget session is coming and he would like to make the Commissioners aware of the projects. He would like for the Commissioners to understand where the City is at with the projects and the 5 year capital improvement program. Administrator Winningham would like for the Commissioners to review the projects, the way the projects are structured, future projects and to review these projects on a quarterly basis. He would like for the City to get the staffing right and process right internally so that it is not only one person who is explaining the process. He states Assistant City Engineer Loretta Marshik has done a great job of showing what the projects are doing on paper. He states this report is easy to read and it is good.
Commissioner John Odermann is concerned with the downtown square budget showing the $2 million in 2021 and $500,000 in 2022 and 2023. He does not recall ever agreeing to this commitment.
City Administrator Brian Winningham states this is a working document and placeholder of expectations. There was a commitment over time of $2 million.
Commissioner John Odermann is concerned that the DDA will be coming to the City for another million dollars.
City Administrator Brian Winningham states there is public funds being raised in addition to what the City has committed. This is an opportunity to track the funds.
President Scott Decker is hoping to get the bank center demolished quickly so work can be started on the downtown square. The starting of the work on the square should give the Downtown Association ammunition to start fund raising. President Decker does encourage other Commissioners that are sitting on other boards to update the City Commission on what is being done on those boards. It does seem projects are costing somewhat more now and he is hoping the new City Administrator will be able to get some federal funding. He is hoping that funding is not going to other cities.
Commissioner Suzi Sobolik is hoping to have another column added on to see if the Commissioners have approved the projects and the date it was approved and the cost.
Commissioner John Odermann states projects touch Engineering, Public Works, and other areas of impact. This would help us the Commissioners understand the prioritization. This would then make it easier for the Commissioner to explain if they knew how the impact was on the community.
City Administrator Brian Winningham states plan will be brought up during the retreat from the previous years. He states the City and Commissioners will use this as a starting point in the future. He gives an example such as the new city hall. There was a budgeted amount for 2021, but costs have increased based on design, based on estimates and now there needs to be flexibility to get this right. He states the project is moving forward and that the closing should take place on the 31st of January and City will need to lease in place for currently occupying City Hall at no cost until 10/1/2021. Administrator Winningham visits about the design of the building such as performing services to the public and parking for citizens.
E. JLB Architects Presentation of the Downtown Square
Zach Mathern from JLG Architects updates the Commissioners on the Downtown Square project. He states JLG was hired in the fall of 2020 for design. He states there are three phases for the square. He provides information on the first phase and asks the Commissioners to sign off that it has met their expectations and to move onto the next design phase. The construction cost of $3.38 million dollars and a soft cost of $507,000 with a total cost of the project of $3.9 million. Mr. Mathern states the Commission is set for $4 million dollar range. He does provide an alternate list of items that the downtown people would like to see such as an ice rink, these are items that would be built into the project, but not necessary. He states the design that is being shown today is $4.5 million and the original cost was $7 or $8 million dollars. He does show sign plans and rending. He did meet with the Parks and Rec Dept. last week and they would like to be part of the project.
Commissioner John Odermann states it is a large event illustration and he does really see the opportunity for expansion. He feels this ads to the private fund raising.
President Scott Decker states he has had a discussion with the Parks and Rec Dept., Roughrider Commission on how we can be better. He states the stage is facing directly west at sundown and he is concerned of this. He is also concerned of the west, northwest winds and the lighting.
Commissioner Suzi Sobolik wants to make sure all the events are happening as this is a beautiful place and very exciting.
Mr. Mathern is asking for the Commission to sign off of this phase stating that they have reviewed the cost, information, documents and can proceed to the next phase of the design.
City Administrator Brian Winningham states the work session is generally for informational purposes and the City can bring it back to the Commission. If there is no risk with proceeding the City can bring it back to the Commission on the next agenda. He is not aware that this would slow the process down.
Mr. Zach Mathern states the City is the client and normally this contract does not come before the Commission.
All Commissioners are okay with President Scott Decker signing the form.
City Attorney Christina Wenko states the cleanest way would be for the President of the City Commission Scott Decker to amend the agenda this evening to include the Dickinson Downtown Square update.
Commissioner Jason Fridrich thanks JLG for being the first donor to the project.
MOTION BY: Jason Fridrich
SECONDED BY: John Odermann
Adjournment of the meeting at approximately 3:55 PM.
DISPOSITION: Roll call vote…
Aye 5, Nay 0, Absent 0
Motion declared duly passed.
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Rita Binstock
Assistant to City Administrator
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Brian Winningham
City Administrator
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Scott Decker
Board of City Commissioners
Date: February 2, 2021
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