JULY 21, 2020
President Scott Decker called the meeting to order at 2:30 PM.
Present were: President Scott Decker, Vice President Jason Fridrich, Commissioners Nicole Wolla, Carson Steiner and Sarah Trustem.
A. St. Joseph's Cemetery Expansion
Building and Sites Chief Facility Operator Todd Fischer looks for direction from the Commission on how to handle the new cemetery. He states an irrigation system was installed in 2000 in this cemetery area and since that time nothing has been done with this land. It was named Dickinson South Cemetery but can be renamed. He is looking for direction on planting trees. Oak trees have been planned in the cemetery but they have since died. He states originally there were going to be flat markets but the funeral homes feel this will not work. Mr. Fischer feels if there are headstones the sprinkler system will not work as the sprinklers will be hitting the back of the head stones. He discusses getting back unused cemetery plots in other cemeteries and states after 80 years the city could get the plots back. He states the City has been looking at two buildings to the north with a chapel which is the indoor area. He also discusses the parking lot on the East side and walking trail along it. Mr. Fischer discusses the road from the north and some sort of Memory Park.
GT Architecture Brian Gregoire states the property was surveyed in the initial thoughts were to plant pine trees. He discusses the buildings and the niches which are crypts for caskets and people have been asking for indoor instead of outside spaces. He states all the outdoor spaces are spoken for in the original mausoleum but not filled. Mr. Gregoire states funeral homes states the new trend is to have niches as cremations are about 30-40% of the volume of deaths. Funeral homes have suggested to Mr. Gregoire that more niche spaces, indoor spaces and creating a shelter and incurring more cost than outside space. They state the more niches there are the cost comes down. He states people waiting to purchase spots when indoor spaces comes available.
President Scott would like for the City to come back with some drawings with a road to the cemetery and a mausoleum.
B. Sale of City Property
Planning Director Walter Hadley discusses disposal of city owned property. He states Visionary Eye Clinic is moving and Ponderosa Liquor plans on purchasing the Visionary Eye Clinic and therefore would like to purchase the parking lot which is located on the west side of the eye clinic. Planning Director Hadley reviews the area for utilities and he does not see any utilities but does not know if there are easements or not in this area. The area is zoned commercial. He reviews the two ways for bidding process. Planning Director Hadley also discusses the parking lot which is located directly adjacent to Lady J's parking lot. The Tia food place would like to expand his business and would like to purchase the parking lot from the City. The owner does own the entire block of proprieties. Planning Director Hadley states that Don Paul of Ponderosa does take care of the parking lot to the west of Ponderosa.
Commissioner Jason Fridrich asks for a list of all City lots and their assessed values.
Deputy City Administrator Linda Carlson states information will be brought back to the 4th of August meeting and then an approval on the 2nd meeting in August.
C. DDA/DID/Task Order
Zach Mathern from JLG gives the City Commissioners an update on the downtown square. He presents drawings and a quick overview of the phases. Phase I has been completed in 2015 which identified the need in Dickinson. In 2018 JLG went through design process which was completed in May, 2018. This showed the alternative site. Mr. Mathern states the next step is to continue an actual design of a project. He recommends moving forward with the design phase such as where to put the steps, etc. He also goes through the schedule with the Commissioners along with the budget.
Kristi Schwartz feels the resolving of the situation of the organization for the City to help support the director is the main issue. She state as soon as the DDA/DID get a marketable drawing then they can start fundraising. She feels the public needs to see movement on the lot and that creates funding excitement. Ms. Schwartz states according to the community they would like to see the stage as their #1 priority in order to start entertainment.
President Scott Decker would like to stay at the $4 million dollar mark for this project. He does feel the City could move to the next phase at $4,500.
Zach Mathern states big numbers would be the furniture and PA system. He states if the City wants to stay with $4 million dollar budget then the design could be discussed to identify alternate items. He will identify four or five items in the project that could be changed to a later date. He would have his artistry team build a booklet that could potentially be used for donors. What he needs to move forward to the next phase is a defined budget, identify which schedule the city wants to build on and what project delivery method to be built in. He discusses the advantages of having a construction manager and the earlier they are brought on board with the project the better. He discusses the construction dollars and that the cost would be the same today as it would be in the next two years.
Commissioner Jason Fridrich questions whether or not the City should have a construction manage within the project or higher outside the project.
President Scott Decker would like to stay with $4 million and feels that Mr. Mathern and his staff could get an updated booklet together for $4,500. President Decker also feels the dino can be put on hold for a couple of years and maybe get it phased back in.
Kristi Schwartz states there are probably art grants that could be obtained for the dino.
Mr. Zach Mathern would like to get a group of people back together, Task Force, to meet regularly once a month once the schedule starts going to report back to the Commissions.
MOTION BY: John Odermann SECONDED BY: Jason Fridrich
Adjournment of the meeting at approximately 2:45 PM.
DISPOSITION: Roll call vote… Aye 5, Nay 0, Absent 0
Motion declared duly passed.
Rita Binstock, Assistant to City Administrator
Linda Carlson, Deputy City Administrator
Scott Decker, President
Board of City Commissioners
Date: August 4, 2020
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