OCTOBER 20, 2020
President Scott Decker called the meeting to order at 2:30 PM.
Present were: President Scott Decker, Vice President Jason Fridrich, Commissioners Nikki Wolla, Suzi Sobolik and John Odermann.
Absent: None
A. Extra Mile Proclamation
President Scott Decker presents the Extra Mile Proclamation. There are no issues from other Commissioners to add this to the regular Commission meeting this date.
B. Stark County Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan
Director of Emergency Services Bill Fahlsing presents a Stark County Multi-Hazard Mitigation Plan which is regional to include Dunn, Golden Valley, and Billings's counties. Mr. Fahlsing discusses the background and that the new plan should have been adopted by June, 2019. He states the County is waiting for FEMA to approve their adoption of the plan as of date. He discusses the two grants that would allow mitigation assistance, the Brick and Flood Plain grants. He states everyone would be eligible to apply if the plan is adopted by the end of January. Mr. Fahlsing states if the City adopts the plan they are not under any obligation to apply for grants. Mr. Fahlsing states if the City adopts this plan they are under no obligation to complete downtown drainage improvements, adopt new storm water for annexations or other items such as existing shelters. He states the City determines their own priorities and can amend the plan to add specific scenarios and to apply for those. There is nothing binding the City to completing any of the projects that are listed in the plan.
President Scott Decker would like for the departments to review the chapters and see how it will affect the City.
Commissioner Suzi Sobolik states if the City adopts this plan then the City will have the opportunity to apply for grants if there is a disaster. If the City does not approve the plan then there is no opportunity to apply for those grants.
Director of Emergency Services Bill Fahlsing states this normally applies to the Brick Grant and Flood Plain Grant. He states pre-mitigations grants are by disaster. The Brick and Flood Plain and hazardous mitigation would not be eligible to the city if they do not approve the plan. He states the fallout shelter issue is normally turned over to the American Red Cross.
C. Moratorium on Special Events
Interim City Administrator and Police Chief Dustin Dassinger states the moratorium in special events deadline is getting closure and he would like direction on extension of the moratorium or to let it end.
Interim City Administrator and Deputy City Administrator Linda Carlson states she is getting phone calls in regards to selling growlers. She is looking for direction in the growlers and drive ups for liquor stores.
Commissioner John Odermann states the numbers have been improving over the past two weeks and he feels this moratorium is showing that it is working. He states the numbers have been going down and feels that people are either not testing or not going to special events. He feels the City will see what happens after DSU has had their homecoming. He supports extending the moratorium for another two weeks. Commissioner Odermann feels the City should set an example and lead by example as the City set forth the policy. The citizens still have the ability to live their lives.
President Scott Decker feels more sick people are testing or people are staying at home. He feels people are taking it upon themselves to stay at home.
Commissioner John Odermann states a moratorium cannot pinpoint an event to cause community spread. He states the City needs to do everything that they can so that workers can do their jobs. He is supporting the moratorium for another two weeks.
Police Chief Dustin Dassinger states in the past bars were limited or closed, right now that is not being observed and there are no limitations. In the past the executive order forced businesses to close. This is not happening now. In the past the bars had to close and to keep them alive the City allowed them to have growlers. The choice now is by the people to not go to the bars and restaurants. This is a public safety standpoint, no major issues.
Commissioner Jason Fridrich states at his restaurant eating in is down to 40% and delivery is up to 37% and that is everywhere and especially now that the city has Door Dash.
Deputy City Administrator Linda Carlson would like to continue to gear the growlers more towards color coding.
D. Report on Positions for Police Department
Accountant Robbie Morey states there was a discrepancy in the 2020 budget with 41 sworn officers and it should be 43. The additional officers that are were included were the SRO officers and these should not be counted in the City's budget as they are paid by the school. Account Morey states the City is not asking for a budget amendment as hiring two additional officers would still be under budget. Therefore, the City would like to get the positions filled and everyone aware of what is going on with the positions. The purpose of the report is to make the Commission aware of the discrepancy.
Police Chief Dustin Dassinger states the SRO officers are paid 100% by the school. The City added one staff without any costs. The City got three officers for 75% of 1.
E. Chief Position - Water Reclamation
Public Works Director Gary Zuroff presents the Org Chart and discusses the Chief Position at the Water Reclamation Facility. He visits in regards to the need of an Industrial Environmental Tech and Chief Water Reclamation. Public Work Director Zuroff visits about the changes that happened along the way from 2015-2019 as now the City has one manager and two chiefs. He states the dollars for employee wages were considerably lower then. Now there are certifications required at the plant, a Class 4 Certification is needed. There are no operators in place to run the plant. The City is working on succession to these positions and it is a long process. The position was budgeted in 2020 and would like to get back this position back into the 2021 budget.
Deputy City Administrator Linda Carlson states she had a meeting with the NDLC and Administrators and she said that water treatment plants do not have enough treatment plant staff and are looking for other cities to keep their plants going. She states Dickinson has good employees and we should get them certified. She didn't realize how long it took to get certified. She feels the City could help to get more classes. These job descriptions could come before the Commission for a vote.
Public Works Director Gary Zuroff does not know if the City will be able to fill this position but should open it up.
F. Wage Study
Deputy City Administrator Linda Carlson is looking for direction on how to respond to Laurie Graves on the wage compensation study. Ms. Graves has asked quite a few questions of the City on the preliminary draft. This draft was sent to two Commissioners. Ms. Carlson is wondering the direction the Commissioner wants to take on how the City moves forward to respond to wage study questions.
HR Coordinator Shelly Nameniuk states her most recent questions was that Ms. Graves requests information from other cities and now in turn those cities want copies of the results she has received from other cities and counties. Ms. Nameniuk states the preliminary report that was sent to the Commissioners would be sent to the participants. This will list every city and/or county that responded to her survey.
Commissioner Jason Fridrich states one Commissioner needs to be involved in this discussion with Graves. He does not want to see any influence from staff on the results. He feels the Commission needs to be aware of what is going on and does not want to get in the mess the City had previously. The Commissioner originally had plans a then everyone was unhappy and he does not want this mess again. He states President Decker and Commissioner Wolla should be on the Graves discussion.
HR Coordinator Shelly Nameniuk will request Ms. Graves send President Decker and Commissioner Wolla the emails and meetings that take place.
Deputy City Administrator Linda Carlson states a meeting was held on 10/8/2020 and Ms. Graves was making changes to positions for the Fire Department and some other positions. Ms. Graves should have a draft and PowerPoint within the next two weeks. Ms. Carlson states this subject will probably come on the work session in November.
President Scott Decker states the problem is the information does not stay with certain individuals and then it leaks out.
Deputy City Administrator Linda Carlson states there is nothing that has been out at this time.
Commissioner Jason Fridrich states he does not want the issue that happened the last time to happen again this time.
Deputy City Administrator Linda Carlson will bring Commissioner Wolla up-to-par on the wage study and inform Graves Consulting to add two of the Commissioners onto the wage study emails.
MOTION BY: Jason Fridrich SECONDED BY: Nikki Wolla
Adjournment of the meeting at approximately 3:40 PM.
DISPOSITION: Roll call vote… Aye 5, Nay 0, Absent 0
Motion declared duly passed.
Rita Binstock, Assistant to City Administrator
Linda Carlson, Deputy City Administrator
Scott Decker, President
Board of City Commissioners
Date: September 1, 2020
(Nov. 4, 2020) 2865110