SEPTEMBER 15, 2020
President Scott Decker called the meeting to order at 2:30 PM.
Present were: President Scott Decker, Commissioners Nikki Wolla, Suzi Sobolik and John Odermann.
Absent:Vice President Jason Fridrich
A. Fire Prevention Proclamation
President Scott Decker presents a Fire Prevention Proclamation that was provided by the Dickinson Fire Department.
Fire Marshal Mark Selle states this is a standard annual proclamation for public safety and home safety.
President Decker states this proclamation will be on the agenda for this evening.
B. Budgeted Lease Agreement - Street Trucks
Accountant Robbie Morey discusses the lease agreement which was budgeted for street trucks. He states the reason for this discussion is the bank normally pays cash for these invoices but with the timing of receiving the chassis back in January and now getting the body for the trucks the timing has been a little off with going through the normal process. Accountant Morey would like for the City to go back to the normal process with paying the invoices. He would like to make the Commission aware of this process and it doesn't change any amount or documentation, just a change in process.
C. CIP Project Prioritization
Assistant City Engineer Loretta Marshik states in the past the City created a policy that would bring forward projects based on the utility master plans need. She states using this policy then prioritization would be put on projects and the budget for them and it not carried through the projects would move down the last. This helped the direction of the City. Ms. Marshik along with other City staff would like to move back to utilizing this tool especially with the budgeting process. Staff would like to have feedback on projects in general.
Public Works Director states in 2013 when the City was booming and there were multiple projects that was the time the City put together the process in which to carryout projects. This was used on how to spend GPT dollars. He states there were immediate concerns were to put infrastructure in place, water towers, etc. He states major projects are based on costs.
Interim Deputy City Administrator Dustin Dassinger states a speed study was done on State Avenue and 6th Avenue along 15th Street.
Commissioner John Odermann really does like the resolution as it lists the priorities. He feels the Fire and Police Training Center on the back of the list should be reviewed.
President Scott Decker states the Fire and Police Training Center is not listed on the CIP Project list. The City tried to pass a safety tax a few years ago. He feels this is a project needs to be looked at. He feels the City does get by right now with what we need. He would like to put this back onto the list along with the Southside cemetery.
Interim Deputy City Administrator Dustin Dassinger states the City has received $1.6 million dollar grant to go into the general fund for Covid. He feels the funds could be carried over and applied toward the new center. He states holding the Law Enforcement Academy every two years is the hope of the City.
D. FEMA Risk Map
Apex Scott Schneider discusses the preliminary flood plain maps for Stark County. He brings the Commission up to speed on the maps that are provided by the State. He states his biggest concern is the Dickinson drain. He visits about the shed map on Dickinson drain and the ditch in the middle of town. He states with the flood plain map presented by the state shows many businesses in town will need to carry national flood insurance. He states a couple of months ago got models from FEMA and how they figured out the flow rate. Mr. Schneider states the State did not use the storage behind culvert crossings. He states FEMA standards do not use this storage for flooding. He states the maps are ready to go next spring, 2021. The City's decision is to appear the FEMA map or a letter for map revision which is due November 3, 2020. He states the City could do the hydrology/hydraulics and change the map and send a letter of provisions to the State. He states the challenges are that the new map would go into effect prior to the changes being made. Mr. Schneider will continue to work with staff on this issue.
E. Sims Street Utility Project
Public Works Director Gary Zuroff states Sims Street has started as multiple projects with sewer evaluation from lift station #11 as there have been multiple sewer backups in the past. These issues raises to the level of more emergent. He states Sims street trunk sewer and Sims Street roadway improvements need to be combined to be done at the same time.
Apex Mike Berg states the sanitary sewer improving from the 2013 comp plan for Sims Street. He states if there is a failure in lift station #11 water backs up and goes down to another lift station and pumps back into a circle. He states there have been several backups in this area as result of this circle. He presents Phase I to get lift station #18 to operate like it was originally intended and to eliminate lift station #11. Mr. Berg suggests to upgrade trunk sewer over time such as when the street upgrades will be completed. After this time lift station #9 could be eliminated. This project all comes down to the cost. He states the next step would be to figure out the cost and evaluate the plan.
Apex Scott Schneider feels the city should bring all aspects of Sims street projects together to be done at one time. A task order will be brought to the next city commission meeting.
Public Works Director Gary Zuroff states this project would be an urban road project which would be 80/20 when doing the sewer, storm sewer and other items.
F. CA Interview Panels
Deputy City Administrator Dustin Dassinger states the Executive Team is requesting to be on the third panel to interview the City Administrator. He states the tours of the City can be done by the Leadership Team members.
Commissioner John Odermann is slightly concerned on how the panel to interview the City Administrator was chosen. He is questioning why all of the Commissioner were not asked for their input in selecting the community panel. He states the process was laid out very well but he is not sure why the entire Commission did not decide on the community panel to interview the new CA.
President Scott Decker states there is one opening on the panel as one has backed out at this time.
Commissioner John Odermann states having the community more involved is not a bad thing. This might slow things down a bit but slow is deliberate government. He states the City needs to go through the process and it would be nice to have input from the other four Commissioners.
Commissioner Nikki Wolla states the Commissioner should have some input in the selection of the panel.
Commissioner John Odermann shares his frustration and hopes that the City never has to go through this process again. Commissioner Odermann states it is important for him to bring this concern forward so this concern does not happen again. He feels that all Commissioners should be consulted in regards to whom the Commissioners think is the best fit for the City of Dickinson. He states tonight was the first time he has heard of the panels of interviewers. He feels the process could be more transparent on the Commission level.
Commissioner Suzi Sobolik states the City does have an age and variety of sector but they are all males. She feels there should be a female on the panel.
Interim Deputy City Administrator Dustin Dassinger would like to have an interview panel of Executive Team members. He feels the City has a good group of people put together but none of them are City employees.
President Scott Decker states each Department Head will get an opportunity to have a one-on-one.
Commissioner John Odermann states employees would like to interview the new CEO as the staff will be looking for leadership. He states CHI will very rarely higher anyone without staff recommendation. It is important that the City gets someone they can work with. Commissioner Odermann does have empathy for President Decker's point of view but because of the situation with hiring the last CA he feels that the Commissioners should rectify this situation and hopefully not happen again. He feels Police Chief Dustin Dassinger has a great solution.
Commissioner Suzi Sobolik feels this is a good change to the process with bringing on the Executive Team to make sure culture is what everyone wants in the community.
MOTION BY: John Odermann SECONDED BY: Nikki Wolla
Adjournment of the meeting at approximately 4:15 PM.
DISPOSITION: Roll call vote… Aye 4, Nay 0, Absent 1
Motion declared duly passed.
Rita Binstock, Assistant to City Administrator
Linda Carlson, Deputy City Administrator
Scott Decker, President
Board of City Commissioners
Date: September 1, 2020
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