WORK SESSION MEETING DICKINSON CITY COMMISSION September 20, 2022 1. CALL TO ORDER President Scott Decker called the meeting to order at 2:00 PM. 2. ROLL CALL Commissioners Jason Fridrich, Suzi Sobolik and Robert Baer Absent: None 3. TIMETABLE AGENDA 1. 2023 Proposed Budget Accountant Robbie Morey discusses the 2023 budget with the general fund expense of $25,403,774 which is 13% over the 2022 budget. He will update the commission on the 2023 one time expenses that are in the budget. He discusses the $4.2 GPT transfer and states this year they plan on using $800,000 to get to the 25% to balance the general fund. They will use 17% increase of GPT transfer in 2023. The cause of the increase is the 2% merit and 4% COLA increase along with health insurance at 15%, downtown square increase and additional personnel. He states there is around $840,000 impact from wage increases. Commissioner John Odermann discusses the 2% merit increase and performance increases. Commissioner Odermann is wondering if the city is getting what they are looking for out of the evaluations and to place people where want to work. Administrator Dustin Dassinger states the city is working on the evaluation plan. HR Coordinator Nameniuk could presents at a future meeting of the evaluation procedure. Accountant Robbie Morey reviews personnel requests for 2023. President Scott Decker questions about the Assessing Department not feeling safe enough to do the job and actually do their job going into homes by themselves, so they are not doubling up. He is questioning if the city is still dealing with that issue. He does not feel the city needs to have people doubling up to do the same job. Deputy City Administrator Linda Carlson states if the commissioners see two people together is because they are in training. Accountant Robbie Morey continues with the personnel request for 2023, capital equipment requests and CIP projects. President Scott Decker states Senator Hoeven and others will be coming to Dickinson to discuss Patterson Lake. Accountant Robbie Morey discusses the annual street maintenance funding of $6.5 million. Assistant City Engineer Loretta Marshik discusses the need for a construction manager for projects as there are quite a few projects. Public Works Director Gary Zuroff feels a construction manager could fill the roll of overseeing the number of projects the city has. Accountant Robbie Morey states the city’s plan is to use the 50% of the 1% sales tax to pay for IT projects to connect to the PSC from city hall. Commissioner John Odermann suggests if the city does build a new fire station to place into the budget the new fiber needed. Deputy City Administrator Linda Carlson presents the subsidy requests. She states Stark Development’s contract is due on 12/31/22 and she proposes the budget of $600,000 and $150,000 for matching for grant applications. President Scott Decker states he likes the city match grant to have Stark Development utilize the funding the city is contributing. This is an incentive to Stark Development to solicit applicants. Commissioner John Odermann visits about the cash in lieu for parks and where does the funding go to. He states there is a young community and they do not have any parks in their areas. He states Prairie Rose School is suppose to be the park for the entire north part of town. He is asking to build community play grounds for kids. City Administrator Dustin Dassinger has already been in the process of visiting with Parks and Rec in regards to the cash they are receiving in lieu of parks. Administrator Dassinger will present this at a future date. Commissioner Jason Fridrich states Parks and Rec took the cash in lieu of as they did not want to build any more parks as they did not have the staff to take care of them. This does not help neighborhoods if they do not have parks in them. City Attorney Christina Wenko states the city could create something and take it to the P&Z and the Commission to hold parks and rec to their commitment. Deputy City Administrator Linda Carlson presents two options on how to lower the GPT transfer. One option would use ARPA funding for wages compensation as this funding was originally for funding of employees. ARPA funding came a year after entities had their payroll to keep going, services had to keep going and the ARPA funding was intended to use it for wages. Secondly the city could lower the cash in general fund reserve to try and keep it 25% to make sure the city has reserve in the general fund. She states whatever is taken out of another fund it just elevates stress on GPT. Deputy City Administrator Carlson states the city will adjust the ordinance for public hearing this evening. President Scott Decker states if ARPA funding is used this just defers the cost for another year. ARPA is for community development. He discusses the Hagen football field and that it could be turned into a sledding hill. This would be giving something back to the community, green space. Also, to address some of the park issues. Commissioner John Odermann discusses Building and Sites and the increase of $400,000 and why does not the cost come out of enterprise. He does not like 13% either and feels it could be cut down 2%. He discusses the health insurance as we have just a best guess at this time. ARPA funding is a one time fix. President Scott Decker states there are ongoing challenges of ambulance services in town and unless something changes this is going to be an issue. He feels some of the funding should be used for betterment projects. He states there is a good influx of cash this year and above average oil money coming in and don’t see it going away anytime soon. He would like to keep building quality of life projects. 4. ADJOURNMENT MOTION BY: John Odermann SECONDED BY: Jason Fridrich Adjournment of the meeting 3:30 P.M. DISPOSITION: Roll call vote… Aye 5, Nay 0, Absent 0 Motion declared duly passed. OFFICIAL MINUTES PREPARED BY: Rita Binstock, Assistant to City Administrator APPROVED BY: Dustin Dassinger, City Administrator Scott Decker, President Board of City Commissioners Date: October 4, 2022 (Oct. 5, 2022) 106457