WORK SESSION MEETING DICKINSON CITY COMMISSION July 6, 2022 1.CALL TO ORDER President Scott Decker called the meeting to order at 2:00 PM. 2.ROLL CALL Present were: President Scott Decker, Vice President John Odermann, Commissioners Jason Fridrich, Suzi Sobolik and Robert Baer 3.TIMETABLE AGENDA A. Vacant Lots Interim City Administrator Dustin Dassinger discusses vacant lots that could be listed for sale. The first lots for sale are near the downtown park, near Villard Street. It was decided to add all three lots together for sale and to begin the bidding at $100,000. Interim City Administrator Dassinger will work with Joe Hirschfeld on these lots. Interim City Administrator Dustin Dassinger presents the lots next to Steffan Saw and Bike. This one does have some interest in it from both of the building owners on each side of the lot. President Scott Decker states to start with $30,000 and states all bids will be considered. Interim City Administrator Dustin Dassinger present the lot right across from Trinity West which is a small lot off of 3rd Avenue West. He states by law they will have to bid it. Commissioner John Odermann and Jason Fridrich would like to donate this small lot to Trinity School. Interim City Administrator Dustin Dassinger presents a parcel of property at the bottom of water tower hill. This piece of property does have quite a slope to it and is 9,000 square feet. President Scott Decker states to put it up for sale and take the bid. Interim City Administrator Dustin Dassinger present another parcel at the bottom of water tower hill which is south of the first parcel. The discussion was the same and will be bid the same as the one above. A parcel presented by the Interim City Administrator Dassinger which is an irregular shaped piece of property which is land locked. The city does own the lot right next to it but would have to sell both pieces as a package deal as there would be no access to this property without selling both of them. President Scott Decker states get a package together for both properties. Interim City Administrator Dustin Dassinger presents two parcels at Fisher East Side which are lots 3, block 3. These two properties were listed previously at $90,000. They are R3. List each lot at $50,000 each. Interim City Administrator Dustin Dassinger discusses the land near the middle school. This is 13 acres. Commissioner John Odermann states this property is prime for development. Commissioner Jason Fridrich feels the city should hire a professional to sell this piece of property. Get a good value on it and pursue with listing with a professional. City Attorney Christina Wenko states to engage in a sale of a listing agent the city will need to follow regulations for professional services. Professional services are not required to be bid. The city may want to but not required to. It was suggested to get an RFP for a realtor. B. Board Member Fees Accountant Robert Morey discusses the fees for committee assignments for the Commissioners. He states at this time the board members get paid $20 per meeting. President Scott Decker would like to move the $20 compensation to $100 dollars per meeting. He states the commissioners whom are part of the board their stipend should be left as it is currently. President Decker would like to see the list of boards and what they get paid in the budget book. C. Preliminary CIP Discussion President Scott Decker does have a meeting next week with a group that wants to help us with our CIP projects next year. He thinks the city should try and move up with water and sewer projects. Interim City Administrator Dustin Dassinger states Mr. Scott Schneider from Apex will gather some old information and have a meeting with Engineer Marshik and PW Director Zuroff next week. Commissioner John Odermann would like to see the city use the loan program through Bank of ND and to catch up and get some work completed. He states the city really needs to make a significant effort to beautify the city and make thoroughfares as beautiful as possible to be completed by 2025. Utility Manager Duane Zastoupil states Sims and south Broadway which extends to north of Villard, right by Charbonneau does have bad lines and this is the area that the city will be focusing on in 2023. There are a lot of bad valves and lead services. President Scott Decker visits again about the digital signs to beautify the entrances. The city needs to make sure that the city is looking good and to take care of our end of it. Interim City Administrator discusses the CIP list and two regional pounds which is estimated about $10 million for storm water. Possibly this moves up as time goes on. Solid Waste/Recycling Manager Praus states the armory has minimal costs to upgrade it. There is lighting and doors that need to be upgraded. He states the entrance doors and overhead doors need replacement. This should cost around $20,000 to $30,000. President Scott Decker feels the city will be the gateway to Theodore Roosevelt Library and feel the attraction for us is the museum. He does feel the city is lacking an outdoor pool. Commissioner John Odermann states there are very few or no green spaces for new developments. This is a determinant to the community. He would like for the city to allow kids to be sent down the street to play at the park and feel safe. He is wondering what Parks and Rec are doing with the green space funds. Commissioner Odermann feels the city needs to sit down and talk with partners in the community and visit as to where do we want to go as a community as he feels there is a misalignment of the agreement we need to get to. Commissioner Jason Fridrich does not think Parks and Rec doesn’t want anymore parks with the maintenance. 5.ADJOURNMENT MOTION BY: Suzi Sobolik SECONDED BY: John Odermann Adjournment of the meeting 3:40 P.M. DISPOSITION: Roll call vote… Aye 5, Nay 0, Absent 0 Motion declared duly passed. OFFICIAL MINUTES PREPARED BY: Rita Binstock, Assistant to City Administrator APPROVED BY: Dustin Dassinger, Interim City Administrator Scott Decker, President Board of City Commissioners Date: July 19, 2022 (July 13, 2022) 81411