Letters to the Editor and Guest Column guidelines

Share your opinion: The Dickinson Press welcomes letters to the editor. To give readers the best access to the space available, letters are limited to 400 words. Word count is strictly enforced and all letter writers should be sure to include full names, spell out acronyms and refrain from using shorthand. Letters are judged for good taste and material that could be libelous.

All letters sent by both email and physical mail must include your name (no pseudonyms), address and phone number so we may contact you.

We reserve the right to edit all material and will not accept form letters or letters addressed to someone other than the editor.

Letters from southwest North Dakota are given first priority. The subject matter of all letters must be relevant to current events. When letters are by more than one writer, the addresses and telephone numbers of each writer must be clearly provided. Letters with more than three signees will not be accepted.

A person may have no more than one letter published within 30 consecutive days of his / her most recent letter.

You can submit your letter via email to newsroom@thedickinsonpress.com.

Submit your letter via the US Mail to:
Attn: The Editor
The Dickinson Press
1815 1st St W
Dickinson, ND 58602.