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Letter: Parents appreciate community support

Wow, where do I start?

A very sincere and heartfelt thank you to Dickinson and the state of North Dakota for all they have done to get us through this unbelievably trying time in our lives. I will name as many as we can remember and please don't be offended if we have forgotten anybody specifically.

Thank you to Dickinson Police, fire, Sheriff's Department, Highway Patrol, police chaplain and anyone else who helped in the conclusion of the search and especially to the person or persons responsible for narrowing the search area.

What a close knit, efficient and informative group. Collectively, you guys were awesome. To Dickinson State University President Richard McCallum, Hal Haynes, Roger Ternes, Connie Walter and all the rest of the DSU staff, you were absolutely everything we needed.

To all the students and staff, thank you all for the comfort and support -- what an amazing school and community.

The softball coaches, players and ex-players, what a great family. The Days Inn Hotel and desk staff, for bending over backwards to cover our every need and giving us a warm and quiet place to come back to.

To Jim at Ladbury: what a super down to earth, personable and caring individual who got us through some very tough moments. To Afton and Kyrstin's parents for fighting through this with us.

Thanks to the media, even though trying at times for us, you did what you had to show the world what kind of community Dickinson and DSU is. Last but not least, to ex-coach Guy Fridley, you created such a huge opportunity for Ashley to enjoy her new family away from home in school and sports.

To everyone else, thank you from the very bottom of our hearts for all the support and cooperation.

Phil and Bev Neufeld (Ashley's parents), Brandon, Manitoba, Canada