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Letter: E-cigs need more restrictions

I’ve never personally used e-cigarettes, but I have watched my peers and friends fall for the lies that the tobacco companies tell us about their “safety.” These are kids who would never think to smoke an actual cigarette, but because the e-cigarettes are so cleverly disguised and portrayed, they think that they are completely safe.

It is no secret that the tobacco companies are targeting today’s youth. They do this through making smoking easier to cover up, making it smell better or taste better, and making it more appealing to the eye. Most people think that actual cigarettes are disgusting, but because of the appearance of an e-cigarette and the fact that it doesn’t smell, they are much more satisfied with allowing youth to smoke them.

In 2010, tobacco companies reported spending $5.6 million on advertising for e-cigarettes. In 2013, tobacco companies spent $82.1 million. That’s a huge increase in spending, and as the spending has increased so has e-cigarettes’ popularity.

We need to have an age restriction at a state level because these products are harming our youth. They are creating an addiction to nicotine that could last a lifetime.

Many of my peers in high school smoked e-cigarettes, because they are cleverly disguised and it is much easier for a minor to get away with smoking an e-cigarette than a traditional cigarette. If there is an age restriction, these teens will not be able to get e-cigarettes so easily.

Please support a statewide age restriction on e-cigarettes to prevent youth from being able to purchase this product.

Amanda Jordan,