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Letter: Hoeven’s push for oil exports appreciated

For most of our lives, the United States lived under the political and economic pressures of OPEC. Yet, recent legislation from Sen. John Hoeven and a number of his colleagues that lifts the ban on crude exports ensures our state’s economy can remain strong.

The shale oil revolution has stabilized world oil markets and America is now the leading petroleum producer, a fact making the ban on crude exports a relic of the past and no more deserving to be kept around than an old disco ball from the same time period.

The Bakken is one of three formations changing America into an energy supplier and the North Dakota economy has a lot to gain from lifting the ban. Communities across the state have relied on the Bakken for growth.

Across the state, our economy has allowed our communities to attract a new generation of families and businesses, making them more vibrant and bettering our quality of life. When our local economy does better, pharmacies, restaurants and other small businesses succeed and offer all of us better services, choices and enjoyment. Lifting the ban helps the Bakken and our cities remain strong.

As governor, Sen. Hoeven put in place the policies needed to promote all energy production. Lifting the ban is the next step in continuing to grow North Dakota’s energy economy and Sen. Hoeven should be thanked for his leadership in lifting the ban.

Marissa Bauer,

Grand Forks