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We need this break from oil inundation

I find it interesting that a person from Bismarck who doesn’t have to endure the daily traffic, noise and aromas the current oil boom has brought to the western edge expresses support for even more new wells. (Jenn Bailey, Dickinson Press letter to the editor, May 28.)

Are the more than 1 million barrels already being produced every 24 hours not enough? The recent price pullback that halted new drilling is finally allowing some catchup for the infrastructure in the region. There are still many jobs going unfilled just to support current production.

Can our prices at the gas pump really be reduced by exporting this American oil? I admit I don’t understand the whole process flow of raw oil from the well site to the refinery to the gas station, along with how global oil prices affect this process. But it seems to me that if American oil costs less per barrel than global market prices, then American oil refined at American refineries sent to American fueling stations should mean lower prices for American consumers.

Apparently I need to become better informed on why helping the oil companies make more profit takes precedent over daily costs of living for the rest of us.

Terry Moore,