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Letter: Why is North Dakota waiting on the Dakota Access Pipeline?

As energy prices and especially the price of crude oil have fluctuated, we have seen the effects on our state’s economy. I guess if we have learned one thing, it is that nothing stays the same.

Despite the fact that prices currently are down, we still see interest in investing in our state’s energy infrastructure. One example is the Dakota Access Pipeline that will connect the Bakken oilfields with production facilities in Illinois. Investors still want to build this multibillion-dollar project, and our state needs to take quick action to approve it.

If the North Dakota Public Services Commission votes early this month to approve this pipeline, we will join with South Dakota and Illinois, two states that already have given their OK. Construction can start sooner, and that means putting 2,000 to 4,000 people to work in North Dakota. These will be good union jobs that will contribute to our tax base, schools, shops and communities.

Pipelines remain the best, most efficient and safest way to transport oil, and this will reduce the rail cars and tanker trucks needed to bring this domestic energy resource to the American people.

I urge the Public Service Commission to move quickly to give the Dakota Access Pipeline its approval.

Evan Whiteford,