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Letter: Wind farms should have been decided by everyone, not select few

It all started back when NextEra Energy proposed that first wind farm between Gladstone and Taylor. At that time, commissioner Jay Elkin voted “no” to the proposal saying that it was tearing the community apart, in which he was a part of.

Now with this new proposed wind farm in the Lefor area, Mr. Elkin voted “yes” and has said that our power has to come from somewhere. This project will also tear this community apart, but Mr. Elkin didn’t appear concerned this time around.

On March 24, Judge Dann Greenwood granted Brady Wind and Stark County’s motion to dismiss a lawsuit vs. the Concerned Citizens of Stark County. How can a local judge, who more than likely has friends in the area benefiting from this, be the one in charge of such a big decision?

In response to Mr. Elvin Kaufman’s question, “How can people tell me what to do with my property?” Well Mr. Kaufman, they should have some say in it, especially when this company is going to erect these tall turbines, also known as eyesores that everyone around will no longer be able to enjoy the night sky. Instead, they will get to look at oodles and oodles of bright red lights blinking back at them.

Many have been saying the construction of these turbines will create around 200 jobs, let it be known that a majority of these jobs will be imported labor.

We all know the effects of wind farms. From the noise they produce, the killing of birds, health issues and decreasing property value to name a few.

It’s just too bad an issue this big couldn't be voted on by the locals who live in the area, instead of a few county commissioners, the Public Service Commission and a judge.

Jeff Jordan,