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Letter: Some North Dakotans welcome EPA rule state officials are fighting

The lawsuit filed on Monday by North Dakota elected officials attempting to prevent the implementation of the Environmental Protection Agency’s new rule aimed at curbing methane emissions from oil and gas operations is another example of how out of touch elected officials in Bismarck are in relation to the people that live with oil and gas development in the west.

The EPA rule that our elected officials are attempting to prevent from being implemented is a much needed suite of safeguards aimed at reducing the air and climate impacts from oil and gas operations.

As someone who lives in close proximity to several oil and gas wells I can tell you that the air impacts are real and, as a result, Fort Berthold POWER, Dakota Resource Council and our members in western North Dakota welcome this rule.

The EPA rule related to oil and gas air emissions is firmly grounded in law, science and economics.

In fact, the EPA is simply fulfilling its mandatory duty under the Clean Air Act to protect the public from dangerous methane pollution and other toxic chemicals from new oil and gas operations. It is time our elected officials stop using our taxpayer dollars to sue the federal government over rules, which many people in North Dakota support.

Joletta Bird Bear,

President, Fort Berthold POWER

(Protectors of Water & Earth Rights),