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Letter: When it comes to electricity, am I missing something?

Am I missing something here? The coal-fired power plant in Stanton has announced they will be closing down for lack of market. They cannot produce electricity for what the market will pay.

At the same time, the Public Service Commission is issuing permits for wind farms as fast as they can churn them out. Wind-generated electricity is much more costly to produce than hydroelectric or coal-fired power. Do we need more electricity? Doesn’t North Dakota export around two-thirds of the electricity currently produced?

How does this add up? Am I missing something here?

Without the huge subsidies and tax breaks granted by the government, these wind farms would not be built.

Could this be another play by Washington to dictate how we the citzens are to live? Are these wind farm companies (and solar farms will be coming next) even American owned?

One thing we can be sure of is there will be a dramatic increase in electrical costs to the consume.

What am I missing here?

Jim Lowman,