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Flaring Vote Shows Senate Candidate Energy Positions

Natural gas flaring is a legitimate issue for North Dakotans, but a

last-minute rule adopted by the Obama administration threatens to derail

industry efforts to flaring and improve the efficiency of their operations in

the Bakken. The oil and gas industry supports smart, targeted solutions to

the excess flaring of natural gas since they lose revenue with every flare

stack. The badly written Obama-era rule, though, duplicates existing state

and federal regulations on lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management

(BLM). As such, the BLM rule poses a very real threat to job creation and

economic growth in North Dakota. If left in place, the rule could impact some

96,000 oil and gas wells on federal and Indian lands nationwide, making up to

40 percent uneconomic to operate. The flaring issue is one of the many key

differences in the North Dakota Senate race. As a Congressman, Kevin Cramer

voted to scrap BLMs venting and flaring rule; Heidi Heitkamp voted to keep

it. The vote is a clear demonstration of who stands with the men and women

working in the Bakken. Instead of imposing unnecessary and costly

regulations, federal regulators should be working with energy companies to

safely build pipelines, processing plants and the other infrastructure needed

to capture and deliver gas to market. The oil and gas industry in North

Dakota recently reconvened a task force to identify efficient, market-based

ways to reduce flaring. Instead of imposing more government relations that

hamper innovation and progress, the oil and gas industry needs a partner in

North Dakota like Mr. Cramer who understands the importance of jobs and

economic activity.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.