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Pro-Life is Our Life

Pro-Life is Our Life

Approximately every 20 seconds in America a beautifully created life is cut drastically short due to an unbearably un-natural cause called abortion. Sadly, this is the statistic for the U.S. alone, throughout the world there are on average 125,000 abortions each and every day.

As a rancher, a woman, a strong believer, a vibrant human, and proud North Dakotan, these heart shattering statistics hit me hard and deep. How can we as a "nation under God" condone the inhumane "induced expulsion or death" (Merriam- Webster dictionary) of a living person who is, in fact, already a formed human being.

Here in our lovely home of North Dakota, I am proud to say we are Pro-God, Pro-gun, AND Pro-life. We place an extreme value upon each individual life, no matter how big or how small.

Taking pride in our grass-roots values, recognizing unwavering truth, and standing behind our proven faithful leaders, we have built a legendary state.

Among the many choices in our lives, two distinct choices stand out. We can choose life, or we can choose death. Here at home in North Dakota, we have two choices in the upcoming Senate race with Kevin Cramer or Heidi Heitkamp. Kevin has proven himself to be North Dakota focused, a faithful leader, and a strong supporter of every life. Heidi Heitkamp has made her choice. She has proven herself disloyal, unpredictable, and enthusiastic when faced with the vote to destroy human lives.

North Dakota is our state. Kevin Cramer is our vote. Pro-life is our life.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.