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Kevin Stands With ND Farmers

The recent desperate political attacks launched by Senator Heitkamp and her minions couldn't be more wrong.

Kevin Cramer has demonstrated his loyalty to ag producers in our state through his consistent advocacy on our behalf through the Department of Agriculture to advancing amendments that are critical to our livelihood in legislation. He is stepping up to the plate as our voice in D.C. to make sure our stability and security as producers is ensured.

Just think about the provisions Kevin fought for in the most-recent Farm Bill draft, whether it was minimal effects language in swamp-buster to fight excessive regulation, or fixing the ARC program, while maintaining the crop insurance as well as livestock forage programs, our agricultural community will directly benefit from the legislation he is willing to stand up and fight for. Kevin remains committed to passing the Farm Bill as soon as possible as well.

Considering all this, were lucky that Kevin can act as a bulwark within the majority to push back against non-rural Republicans to change their perspective and oppose them when they're in the wrong. That's why Kevin sitting on the Republican Study Committee is also a net positive for our state and our industry. Thankfully he spoke out and opposed the RSC's recent proposals which weren't good for producers.

Also, we can't forget Kevin opposes Obamacare, where skyrocketing premiums have hit our producers hard and was listed as the biggest problem facing our producers in a recent survey.

Across the board, Kevin Cramer stands with North Dakota. I am proud to know that my vote for Kevin will ensure his continued work for North Dakota and for the farmers of our great state.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.