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Congrats to Cramer!

The primary election results clearly demonstrated the strong enthusiasm behind Kevin Cramers Senate campaign. But, apparently, were not the only ones that are excited! President Trump tweeted his congratulations to Kevin plus announced a visit to tour beautiful state to show his strong endorsement of Kevin and support for the campaign efforts. Its no secret, Trump knows Heitkamp doesnt represent North Dakota and were seeing that confirmed as the campaign unfolds.

Kevin earned nearly twice as many votes in the primary election than Heitkamp. This shows a how much enthusiasm Kevin has generated in his campaign compared to the weak turnout from Heitkamp supporters. We are ready to support him all the way to a stunning victory in November! I am so proud to support Kevin with my vote and know that my confidence is in the right person. North Dakota is honored to stand behind Kevin because he stands with us, and we cant wait to celebrate with him in November when he becomes our next U.S. Senator!

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.