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Cramer Responds to the Opioid Crisis

The House of Representatives recently passed numerous bills to fight the current opioid crisis. In particular, Representative Kevin Cramer, has been heavily involved in this movement, co-sponsoring several of the bills passed in the House to combat this epidemic. Opioids have caused thousands of deaths and action must be taken to confront this crucial issue.

The misuse of opioids is a serious issue that impacts, not only our economy, but the publics well-being. Accordingly, we need to continue to treat the underlying forms of addiction, while strengthening our understanding of the crisis through public health education, and support innovative research on addiction and opioids. We must keep the conversation moving forward because treatment for opioid users needs to be a high priority for our nations leaders.

We need our government officials to respond to this crisis and provide solutions to it. I am thankful that Kevin Cramer has taken a stand to combat this fatal epidemic. I am hopeful the government will continue to put this crisis at the forefront and that the Senate moves as quickly as the House in addressing this serious problem.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.