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The Character of Kevin Cramer

The Character of Kevin Cramer

An element that has been sadly lost within the jousting and tortured rhetoric of our political discourse is a simple one: character & integrity. When it comes to Congressman Kevin Cramer, he wears both of these qualities on his sleeve. Just recently, Heidi Heitkamp was named to the Farm Bill conference committee, which for the first time ever, meant North Dakotas entire congressional delegation would be represented on this pivotal committee. Cramer praised her appointment, citing how fantastic this was for our state. It was a magnanimous move, demonstrating how he puts North Dakotas interests over that of his own political considerations.

Kevin lives his life as a man of faith and a man of community throughout his day-to-day. Hes a committed member of his church, and he strives to live his life in a compassionate manner as outlined by his faith. Beyond this, his accessibility to the people of North Dakota is entirely emblematic of his upstanding character and integrity. Despite the risk and barrage of planted callers attempting to knock the Congressman off-balance, he strives to share the status of current affairs in Washington with any constituent who will listen. Even more importantly, he strives to hear from them directly, and act on their concerns and needs. Kevin Cramer is a man of impeccable character, integrity and fortitude. Im eager to cast my vote for him to become our next United States Senator.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.