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Cramers Record on Healthcare is good for North Dakota

Cramers Record on Healthcare is good for North Dakota

Congressman Kevin Cramers record reflects the wants and needs of his constituents here in North Dakota when it comes to Healthcare. As we all know, Obamacare wreaked havoc on premiums and patient choice here in ND, especially those in the farming and ranching communities. Kevin Cramer rose to the occasion and went to the table to replace Obamacare with a comprehensive plan that emphasized local control, quality healthcare and support for those with preexisting conditions. Dont be mislead with claims to the contrary, which seems to be a popular outlandish claim from Heitkamps attack machine.

The Democrats on the other hand, have proposed doing nothing as North Dakotans continue to lose more of their hard-earned income to rising premiums that continue to sting as a relic of the Obama legacy. Kevin continues to fight for our interests in Washington and I for one am grateful that he does so in the halls of Congress. Ill be even more grateful when he brings the fight to the United States Senate next year.

- Gabe Thompson, Farmer near Antler

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.