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I Just Can't Trust Heidi Heitkamp on Trade

I Just Cant Trust Heidi Heitkamp on Trade

Trade is an important issue for me. As a North Dakotan, I see the importance in helping our states farmers and ranchers expand their markets across the world. As a voter, I want a Senator who supports our administration as they represent us across the globe. I want a Senator who offers ideas for ways to get us better deals and solutions for those who need assistance. I want a Senator who is consistent. That is not the type of Senator that Heidi Heitkamp is.

Since President Trump has decided to use tariffs as a negotiating tool against China, Heitkamp has loudly and vocally criticized President Trump. As China watches on, Heitkamp has led a crusade in the United States Senate to undermine the Presidents decisions and abilities to enact tariffs. Shes also been inconsistent in her opposition. When President Trump announced an aid package to help farmers hurting from Chinas tariffs, Heitkamp said it was too expensive. Just recently, however, Heitkamp changed course and called the plan "necessary and appropriate." This kind of knee-jerk opposition hurts our standing across the globe and hurts our states clout in the Senate. We need a leader like Kevin Cramer, who has offered a consistent position publicly and worked privately on behalf of North Dakotans. On trade, I trust Cramer, not Heidi Heitkamp.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.