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Kevin Cramer is a Loyal Ally of Producers

Kevin Cramer is a Loyal Ally of Producers

Throughout his tenure in Congress, North Dakotans have always been able to count on Kevin Cramer for one thing: his loyalty to our states hardworking ag producers. Whether its his accessibility, or his assistance through policy, I feel as if our Representative has been second to none.

Congressman Cramers additions to the most recent Farm Bill are solid evidence of this. His fix to the ARC program and all his work on Swampbuster has been a benefit to our community. Not to mention, most of all, the repeal of WOTUS has been the most significant victory for land-owners since Obama left office. For these reasons, its no surprise that Congressman Cramer was named to the Farm Bill conference committee. This cements the first time in history our entire delegation will serve on this committee. Its a great thing for our state, which is why it pains me that Senator Heitkamps campaign reacted so negatively to his appointment. I know Congressman Cramer has had our back through and through and has always been accessible to his constituents. For these reasons, as well as many others, I will be voting for him to become Senator Cramer this November.

Ryan Wanzek

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.