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China's Malicious Actions Must Be Punished

China's Malicious Actions must be Punished

"For too long, American businesses, government personnel, institutions and academic landmarks have been targeted by an increasingly aggressive and belligerent China. Enough is enough. In the face of record-breaking economic growth, the time is right to finally push back and stand up to the red dragon. President Trump has risen to the occasion and is rightfully slapping punitive tariffs on the Chinese, to defend industries that serve pertinent national security roles in our nation and to finally put an end to Chinas duplicitous and malicious unbalanced trade maneuvers.

The ultimate goal is a free-trade zone, which would genuinely benefit both nations and economic spheres. This worked in negotiations with the European Union and was certainly a success. China may be tougher, but they will be brought back to the negotiating table. No longer will we lie weakened and fail to respond to minute-by-minute hacking and theft of American intellectual property, plus the dumping of cheap steel to strangle and kill off American jobs and businesses. President Trump is taking a stand. Senator Heitkamp, unfortunately, wants to do Chinas bidding and continue to let them run roughshod over us. That era is over. America is back".

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.