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Heidi's Abysmal Healthcare Failure

In regards to the press release on August 23 from the Heidi for Senate Campaign where the campaign tried to get one of her supporters into a press conference held by Congressman Cramer and pushed the false narrative that Cramer wouldn't with people in regards to healthcare. Well Heidi for Senate, "pot meet kettle".

I have written to Senator Heitkamp on at least 3 different occasions in regards to my issues with the healthcare law and have requested meetings with her to discuss how my healthcare premiums have increased by over 220% since 2010 and my deductible has risen from $500 to $6.350. I mentioned to her in my letters that if I were to get sick I would have to come up with over $11,000 (premiums included) before my insurance takes affect. I asked her to define affordable to me and in response I get the normal form letter with the Democrat talking points. Why won't Senator Heitkamp meet with me and other constituents with issues like mine?

Why, because we don't fit her narrative of how government knows best I find it quite hypocritical that one of her commercials touts a lady from Kildeer who has questions for Congressman Cramer when she won't meet with people who have questions for her as well? What is Senator Heitkamp afraid of? Senator Heitkamp and Congressman Cramer - people who don't get healthcare through their employer or qualify for subsidies or Medicaid are hurting. You both owe us the time to listen to our concerns as well even if we are just a small part of the population who have healthcare. Senator Heitkamp and her campaign are running a dirty campaign and don't care about all North Dakotans.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.