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Kavanaugh Will Make an Outstanding Justice

In selecting Judge Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump has made an excellent nomination to the Supreme Court to replace retired Justice Anthony Kennedy. Judge Kavanaugh is a brilliant, mainstream Judge who holds what the legal community is describing as impeccable legal credentials.

Time after time Judge Kavanaugh has demonstrated that he understands the role of a judge is to faithfully interpret the law, not to legislate from the bench. I am confident that he will uphold the Constitution. Beyond his judicial career, Judge Kavanaugh serves as a strong role model for future generations.

Judge Kavanaugh is the Justice North Dakota needs on the Supreme Court. On environmental issues such as clean air and endangerment findings, Judge Kavanaugh has represented the general political policies and legal views of common-sense North Dakotans. Its clear why 68% of North Dakotans support his nomination and why our senior senator, John Hoeven, supported his confirmation after their meeting.

Now, Sen. Heidi Heitkamp faces a major dilemma over the coming months. Despite Judge Kavanaughs impeccable credentials, Senate Democrats are trying to delay the confirmation process until after midterms. Senator Heitkamp has agreed to meet with Judge Kavanaugh, but she is waiting the longest she ever has to set up the meeting.

Now is the time for Heitkamp to disregard these obstructionist tactics, stand up to her Democrat colleagues and join Senator Hoeven in supporting Judge Kavanaughs confirmation. Her loyalty should be to her constituents, not to the Democrats destructive strategy of resistance.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.