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Heitkamp's Hypocrisy on Beef Labeling

A new ad from the Senate Majority PAC attacking Kevin Cramer may feature steak, but its really a bunch of bull. It gravely misrepresents the country-of-origin labeling issue and Kevins strong record standing up for independent cattlemen like me.

I am proud of the cattle I raise and feel strongly that producers should be able to differentiate our product in marketplace and capture value for the high-quality beef we produce.

But thats not what mandatory COOL did. Instead, the top-down, government-debacle, loophole-laden labeling program added cost, exempted a majority of the beef imported into this country, confused consumers, sent mixed messages about food safety and threatened to subject the United States to millions of dollars in retaliatory tariffs after our country lost repeated Word Trade Organization (WTO) challenges. It was bad policy for our industry and our country and did more harm than good for our cattle producers.

Kevin Cramer stood up - and continues to stand up - for livestock producers, who overwhelmingly agree that our industry knows how to market its product better than the government.

Brain Amundson

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.