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An American Tragedy: The Death of Mollie Tibbets

An all-American Iowa college student with her whole life ahead of her was just found brutally murdered outside of Iowa City. She had her life extinguished in an all-too-common and entirely preventable way; she was killed by an individual who had been residing in America illegally for several years.

Mollie was a young woman, seeking to be a productive member of society, rooted in faith, family, and education. It is unspeakable that her parents are now forced to be added to ever-growing list of American angel families, who have lost a child to the scourge of illegal immigrant crime in this country.

It is not my intention to politicize such a tragic event- but my comments are not designed to merely make political hay, rather to serve as a literal call to action. When will our leaders finally say enough is enough and act to enforce existing law? Hopefully, that day comes soon. The White House has prioritized cracking down on sanctuary cities and working to finally secure permanent funding and infrastructure that locks down our border once and for all. Unbelievably, a cadre of powerful Senate Democrats continues to stand in the way, holding our children's lives hostage for their own political gain and opportunity.

As a North Dakotan, it shames and pains me to recognize that our own junior Senator, Heidi Heitkamp, is counted among that group. Unless Senator Heitkamp is willing to join the vast majority of North Dakotans in support of measures to finally secure our border and protect our citizens we are left with no choice but to support a candidate who will.

This isn't political rhetoric, this is a matter of life and death; if Senator Heitkamp fails to act now, what explanation will she offer the parents of the next victim?

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.