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Cramer Health Care Blunder

Kevin Cramers new health care ad, where he claims to support protections for pre-existing conditions, was a huge blunder. The ad cited PolitiFact, which has literally described claims like Cramers to be "mostly false."

The facts are pretty clear, which makes Cramers newfound love of Obamacare all the more confusing. Cramer voted more than sixty times to repeal our health care law, often without a replacement. He supported bills that would bring back lifetime health care spending limits and remove protections for pre-existing conditions. The repeal-and-replace bill he voted for last fall would have left thousands of North Dakotans without access to health insurance.

Kevin Cramer spent the last six years railing against our health care law. But now that hes in a tight race, hes suddenly supportive of the laws popular provisions? What an enormous and obvious flip-flop. I would respect Cramer a lot more if he stood by his convictions rather than saying whatever he thought was most likely to get him a promotion. Unfortunately, for Cramer, politics are more important than convictions.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.