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Truth in Political Advertising

As an Army veteran and lifelong North Dakotan, I support Kevin Cramer for the U.S. Senate and the continuing positive accomplishments of the Trump Administration. The upcoming November election is crucial for both North Dakota and the United States. What happens to the future of our country could depend on if you vote and how you vote.

In that regard I urge North Dakotan's to take the time to go to the polling booth and vote for Kevin Cramer. Why? Because he will support president Trump's proven polices for economic prosperity.

Now think about Heidi and her political advertisements. For the most part, they are false and questionable concerning Kevin Cramer. Most of her ads are constructed and paid for by out-of-state contributors. If you were to investigate further, you would see that Heidi supports a New Democratic Socialists Left agenda.

Additionally, Heidi does not stand up for North Dakota as she follows the dictates set by the Democratic leadership in Washington D.C. of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

All veterans and their families deserve our respect. Note that Heidi voted against the Critical Health Care bill for veterans and also the Improve Housing bill for veteran and their families.

Truth, honesty, integrity are essential characteristics in a person representing North Dakotas in the U.S. Senate. Kevin Cramer has those attributes.

Keep America Great!

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.