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We Need Cramer's Solutions, Not Heitkamp's Soundbites

When I hear Heidi Heitkamp politicize our farmers here in the state, I can't help but think that's not what North Dakota needs in its Senator. We need someone offering solutions, like our Congressman Kevin Cramer. When Trump's trade negotiations, he immediately pushed for solutions, primarily using the Commodity Credit Corporation Charter Act authority to protect our farmers from China. When this administration unveiled a plan to provide some relief, I was proud to see this Cramer-supported solution included. But that's not all Kevin has done. As our Congressman, he testified during two public hearings about how China could harm North Dakota. There, and at every step, Congressman Cramer was a voice for North Dakota. He told to the White House how we felt so they could understand the impact of Chinas tariffs. He didn't go on TV, he went to our nation's leaders. Kevin has promised to continue fighting for us in the Senate, and I believe he'll do just that.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.