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Heidi Doesnt Regret Supporting Higher Taxes, But I Do

The Trump tax cuts have been a boon to our nation, and North Dakota has benefited the most. According to a study of these cuts done by the Tax Policy Center, our state is getting the largest average tax reduction in the nation thanks to President Trump and Republicans in Congress.

At levels defined in the banking world, federal taxes are a form of usury to our states economic output through its citizenry. As the only state in the union with its own bank, our jurisdiction has a special history in the nation for standing up to usury. Federal tax "portals" place at risk our individual economic output to agendas not harmonious with our states needs. Keep the purse tightly closed and it becomes an efficient watchdog.

In my role as an academic physician-researcher in North Dakota, I have personally worked with Senator Heitkamp and Congressman Cramer on healthcare innovations. We have two of the best listeners in American politics in this race. This contest is an illustration of our leadership talent pool in North Dakota. If the rest of the country was as blessed, our republic would function better.

With a lighter cross of usury, economically virtuous acts are stimulated because our citizens have more discretionary resources to improve our communities. The Trump tax cuts have added water to the fruits of our labor and supercharged our economic health. Kevin Cramers focus on increasing our economic liberties ultimately protects us against agendas not aligned with North Dakota.

This is a paid endorsement letter to the editor.