Into The Light Tour

Who: Matthew West, Sidewalk Prophets, Jason Castro

Where: Trinity High School Auditorium

When: 7 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 10

Tickets: $20 general admission, $25 preferred advance, $28 day of show and $35 for the artist's circle. Tickets for the upcoming concert are available at Faith Expressions Christian Store in Dickinson or


More information: 605-342-6822.

The title track from Sidewalk Prophets' hit album, "Live Like That" has received more than a million hits on YouTube, and now Dickinson-area fans will have the opportunity to hear it live on stage.

Sidewalk Prophets will appear with Matthew West and Jason Castro for the "Into the Light" tour performance on Thursday, Oct. 10.

The Sidewalk Prophets' lead singer Dave Frey said touring is about connecting with people -- getting to know you personally and not just hearing a song on the radio.

"Every single show, we have an autograph line," he said. "We always stop if someone needs a prayer or to tell a story -- that's what makes it all worthwhile."

Frey is excited by the opportunity to perform with Matthew West and Jason Castro.

"They're both guys who are super-talented and incredibly big-hearted," he said.

In producing "Live Like That," the musicians sang about unconditional love.

"I'm reminded of those who have impacted my life -- my grandparents, parents, teachers and pastor -- I saw Christ in them," he said. "I want to live like that."

The band started 12 years when Frey and his best friend and rhythm guitarist Ben McDonald were college roommates at the University of Indiana. They were later joined by Cal Joslin on bass, Justin Nace on drums and Shaun Tomczak on lead guitar.

The band started by playing at church camps before moving to Nashville, Tenn., six years ago.

Sidewalk Prophets has been playing more than 150 shows a year. It's traveled more than a million miles and found thousands of fans in the process.

The band's focus is to make young people feel comfortable being who God created them to be.

Traveling around the country, Frey said, "There is one resounding problem that we run into. The problem is our young people are being pressured to live up to the world's standard of success. The world is selling the idea that image is everything, but we know that an image molded after Christ is the only image worth striving for."

He describes their music as a ministry for letting people know they're loved.

"We try to let people know there is hope in the world and they are loved, no matter how they feel -- they are a child of God," he said.

Frey said the band plays a variety of music.

"We want to have fun and we'll be playing some rockin' songs -- people will be surprised how rockin' they are, and also some truly worshipful moments, singing about the truth and love of Jesus."