The continual changing of the seasons took another big step forward as fall arrived once again in Dickinson. Over the weekend, the Dickinson Area Chamber of Commerce hosted its annual Harvest Festival.

This year's celebration marks the fourth year for this annual affair, with events scheduled for both Friday and Saturday.

Friday night featured the capstone event, Outdoor Movie Night.

“It was definitely a very good turnout last night. The weather cooperated and we were excited to see that,” Austin Boepple, events manager of the Dickinson Area Chamber of Commerce, said. “We had the highest numbers of any other “Family Movie Night” event held through the summer.”

The fun continued early Saturday morning, and fortunately for attendees, so did the good weather.

“The weather was a little iffy this morning, but it held out and everybody is having a great time,” Boepple said. “I would say that well over 2,500 people had already come through just today.”

Entering the grounds near the DSU King Pavilion, one could smell all the different types of food on selection from the various vendors, see an assortment of local organizations, and a field of mingling attendees sitting on blankets and lawn chairs with family, friends and pets. Children enjoyed activities including bouncing houses, roping stations and hay slides.

“We have just under 15 food vendors, a little over 20 marketplace vendors and 30 member booths, including 10 DSU booths,” Boepple said. “Everyone really came out and supported this community event.”

The primary sponsor of the festival was TMI, who were active throughout the event.

“This is absolutely good for the community, to see this many people… there has got to be a few thousand people out here enjoying the day, it’s beautiful out... We were the primary sponsor for the Harvest Festival this year and we are really happy to be doing it,” Cory Bittner, vice president of TMI, said. “It was really fun giving out the popcorn yesterday, seeing everyone and today we've been out here giving out goodies to the kids, coloring with them, playing bean bag toss and watching the football game. It's been really good.”

This year's flag football, which annually features the heated rivalry between the Dickinson Police Department and the volunteer fire department, had a change of pace as the volunteer fire department could not make it to play. Instead, members of the Dickinson Parks and Recreation flag football league volunteered and took the chance to tackle DPD.

“The football game between the volunteer fire department and the police department is always a big draw-in,” Austin said. “ You can tell because people brought their lawn chairs this year."

Unlike last year, DPD did not come out victorious — losing by well over 20 points.

They did keep good spirits throughout the game, as one officer even picked up a pair of pompoms and cheered for the crowd.

“I don't remember the final score... it was a good game and a lot of fun,” Franc Brossark, player on the volunteer side, said. “A few days ago, one of the guys on our team got asked if we would step in and we decided yes.”

The Parks and Recreations flag football Recreation and Classic league will play this Thursday at 6:30 p.m. at the Gress Softball Complex-Field one.

“It was fun; the weather was lovely and I really enjoyed the dance,” Urja Aryal, with Best Friends, said. “You get to see all the different organizations and Dickinson’s various civic clubs.”