Dickinson's newest wedding photographer is a long way from her home country of Uruguay. Karolina Lym has lived in Dickinson for three years and in that time has continued to explore her passion of photography by teaching the skills to inmates at the Dakota Women’s Correctional and Rehabilitation Center in New England.

Lym has recently opened her own photography studio in above the DePorres House of Barbering and Lounge in downtown Dickinson.

“I have been working outdoors mainly," Lym said. "I had a room at home that I used for my closest clients, but I felt that now is the right time to get a studio so that I have a bigger place that can show the professionalism that my clients deserve.”

Lym, who specializes in wedding photography, often has assistants on her professional shoots and enjoys the collaborative process.

“I do work with a second photographer for weddings, but I lead as the main photographer,” Lym said. “ When you are working with someone, you have to be the one to tell them how you want your settings and what you need for them to capture, not to control the action but to deliver want you promised your clients.”

Speaking to her calling as a photographer, Lym said it came directly from her own experiences with the lack of a professional photographer at her wedding.

“The main thing that drew me to photography was my own wedding. My wedding was a disaster because we didn't have much and that included not having a wedding photographer,” she said. “Now I look back and I don’t even have one good picture to hang on the wall. It is upsetting and my kids laugh at how horrible the photos are.”

Lym's unique style is a source of pride. As a wedding photographer, she has a desire to capture her brides’ special day in a way that rejuvenates meaningful memories years down the road.

“When I'm taking my pictures I'm not thinking of me, but of [the clients]. How are they going to look back at this photo and think about it?,” Lym said. “You want them to have those moments, but you also want them to be good moments…The experience that you have with your photographer should be equally amazing as the pictures themselves.”

For Lym, photography is an intimate connection between the client and the photographer — something she never wants to lose touch with.

“My goal is to keep my business personalized for the client. I never want it to grow to where I'm no longer the photographer and have to hire other people to handle events,” she said. “I want to remain only as busy as I am able to that keeps the moment personal.”

Looking forward, Lym wants to start offering photography lessons at her studio so that everyone can enjoy the keepsakes of all of life's special moments. According to her, she will begin offering such lessons in January or February of 2020.

Lym is currently booking for wedding for this year, next year and for 2021. To schedule an appointment will her, visit her website, www.karolinalymphotography.com.