No one told him life was going to be this way...clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap.

Meet Joey, a rescue from Bakken Paws in need of a group of 'Friends' that are loving and caring to his needs. When he first arrived to their facility, the adorable puppy had two broken legs, head and eye injuries and shattered teeth — which required surgery to remove. Despite this, he is still a very loving struggling actor who connects with humans, other dogs and even loves to snuggle with his foster mom’s cat.

Joey is a year old puppy in need of continued obedience training and mental exercises when he finds his new home.

“Joey has been with us since January. He bonds to new people super quick and he doesn't forget his favorites,” Tasha Hermanson, of Bakken Paws, said. “He still loves people so much despite his hardships. He is very active, though can start to limp if he over does it.”

Joey is a Weimaraner and Heeler mix, which combines for an interesting mix-breed. Heelers, also known as a Australian Cattle Dogs, are usually very active dogs that love to run, play, exercise with their humans, while Weimaraner are excellent with kids, have a loving nature, are easy to groom and make excellent pets.

In need of owners committed to keeping him physically and mentally active, Joey will be there for you.

Currently residing at Home on the Range for some extra training until the Oct. 18, applications to provide a home or for more information can be obtained at Bakken Paws, or via email at

The Dickinson Press is happy to team up with the Dickinson Area Animal Coalition to help find our furry friends new homes. If adoption isn't for you, there are different levels of assistance you can still provide; such as donating, volunteering and advocating. Those interested in getting involved should contact DAAC via email at