Today, The Consulate General of Ukraine in Chicago, Larysa Gerasko, is visiting the Western Edge, bringing diplomacy and hoping to gain a knowledge of the unique experience and history the North Dakota Ukrainian community have endured.

She will be at the St. John The Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church, 305 6th St. NE, Belfield, N.D.,. 6 p.m., for a short presentation over current affairs in Ukraine and to share the Holodomor Exhibit that she has brought with her. The public is welcome to listen in and and digest this special and genial visit.

Consulate Gerasko gain her position in April 2015, with a prestigious and respectful positions prior. This is her first visit to North Dakota and has been ecstatic to meet the stirring North Dakota Ukrainian community.

“This is my first visit to North Dakota,” Consulate Gerasko said. “I am excited to visit North Dakota, meet lots of Ukrainian Americans, experience the spirit of this picturesque land and amazing nature despite the cold winter season.”

Being located in Chicago, one of the larger cities in the United States, one would think that Consulate Gerasko would have difficulties when conversing with rural areas. In actuality, she find purposeful and is accustomed to area like the Western Edge.

“[Our district] covers 10 states of the midwest and many of them are more rural areas than urban,” she said. “ We do a lot to make our consular service convenient for our citizens. Thus, during our visit to North Dakota, we will provide our consular services on Ukranian passport issues, notary service etc.”

Consulate Gerasko has also scheduled a time to meet with Ukranian citizens. This will be in basement level at the St. John The Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church at 7 p.m.

The Holodomor was tragic period in the ukraine, that was forced famine on the citizens that cost the lives of millions of people.

“Holodomor-Genocide is among the most tragic pages in the history of Ukraine. It was a man-made famine in Ukraine that killed millions of Ukrainians. 1932 and 1933,” Consulate Gerasko said. “This November we commemorate the 86th anniversary of Holodomor-Genocide in honor of the innocent victims. I appreciate that the Governor of North Dakota proclaimed November 2019 the Ukrainian Holodomor remembrance month. Many countries and 23 U.S. states have already recognized Holodomor as the Genocide of Ukrainian people.”

The exibition, “Holodomore-Genocide of Ukranian People in 1932-1933,” will be on display at the Dickinson Museum Center from October 26 through November 2.

She is hoping to stay engaged with the community after she departs from North Dakota and recognizes the strength of the Ukrainian community that the Western Edge has cultivated over the years.

“For sure we will be happy to come again to follow up above on mentioned initiatives and as well as to participate in the Ukrainian Badlands Fest and to see North Dakota in summer time,” Said Consulate Gerasko.