The Dickinson Community will say farewell to one of its young and ambitious companies, Vuk Multimedia in the coming weeks.

The production group has handled local commercial and non-profit advertising and branding among other services since January of 2018, and have done so with an informal yet upbeat professional service. The news of the closing took Dickinson by surprise, but was the right move according to owner, Vladimir Dasic.

Dasic, 26, said he was happy with the success of the company considering he never received an education in production. Over the span of the company’s existence in Dickinson they have worked countless hours building a respectable portfolio of local businesses and nonprofits.

The recipient of the Dickinson Area Chamber of Commerce’s Entrepreneur of the Year 2018, Dasic said it was more fun than work.

“I realized that I had this creativity that manifested in different ways,” Dasic said. “Throughout my life I was alway around a camera.”

Dasic was born in Serbia and as a kid he would mess around with an old camcorder that didn't even have the capability to record without being connected to a VCR player. He and his friends would spend hours creating fun video projects that according to Dasic, inspired his future in the industry.

Arriving in the United States, Dasic connected with his brother who was working in Williston, N.D., and started his journey in the Liberty and Union state.

“I wanted to experience the small town Midwestern experience,” Dasic said. “Dickinson has been a fantastic home to me and I am happy that I have been able to provide a service to the people and community here.”

Vuk Multimedia was, according to Dasic, a happy accident that he did not foresee.

“It wasn't like I had this master plan, where no one was doing it so I could own the market,” Dasic said. “I have played with cameras since I was a kid and that passion just carried on to adulthood and into a great opportunity to provide a service here.”

VUK Multimedia began as a dream and could have easily continued if not for Dasic stepping outside his comfort zone to pursue other ventures. From a man who began his career on the Western Edge as a self-employed photographer, armed only with a Nikon D3300 and determination, he was happy to build from there.

“I used to do rock climbing at the Theodore Roosevelt National park and make videos of that, and people would tell me that I should be doing this full time. That I had something in this,” Dasic said. “At one point, I decided that I wanted more out of life. I quit my job with no savings and didn't want anything to keep me comfortable while I was deciding on what to really do with this passion.”

Dasic continued, “I knew that I was either going to succeed or fail miserably, there will be no middle ground and no safety net. I approached a car dealership to exchange my services, not for monetary gain, but to get me a new car.”

He said that the first dealership said, ‘no,’ and he quickly recognized that if he quit then and there everything he had hoped for would be lost.

“So I went to the next dealership, which happened to be Dan Porter Motors, and they said, ‘Yes,’” Dasic said.

This first yes would send Dasic spiraling into a world of production and the launch of Vuk Multimedia. The business grew quickly behind the tenacious drive of its founder and owner, often relying solely on his ability to boldly walk into businesses and ask if their services were needed.

“You would be surprised how uncomfortable I am while [pitching my services], I don't talk about how introverted I actually am because when it comes to public speaking I don't want to be guided by fear,” Dasic said. “I have learned that in life, if you always go by what is comfortable then you will never get anywhere, you have to seek discomfort to achieve success.”

Dasic pride himself of his small team and their unconventional dynamic.

“In total, we’ve never had more than five people on our team. I feel that for us to only be in our second year, that was good,” Dasic said. “The Dickinson Area Chamber of Commerce really helped us out because as soon as I started doing projects for Chamber of Commerce, people saw what we were capable of doing.”

Megan Klassen, marketing and communications manager of the Dickinson Area Chamber of Commerce, said Dasic’s impact on the nonprofit and business sectors of the community were remarkable for the company’s size.

“We have connected him with a lot of our members and use him to share their business stories. It has been really cool to see the impact he has made on our community,” Klassen said. “They run the gamut of [telling stories], from the need for workforce recruitment to telling the story of agriculture. It is just cool to see the impact that he has had.”

Dasic’s definition of success is, “I wanted to get to the point where people respected my work and wanted to work with me to help them develop their business and that is exactly where I am at.”

Dasic talked to The Press about how it is important to separate negative thoughts that can sometimes crowd the mind, from those guiding one to a better self. That the mind ability to think and over thinking can destroy creativity and drive.

“I have had this adventure guiding me since I left home and whatever it is that I am looking for, I haven't found it yet,” Dasic said. “I am not afraid anymore because after doing what I have done in the two years with Vuk, I am more confident that whatever happens, wherever I go, I will figure it out and get the best out of it.”

Vuk Multimedia are currently not taking any new projects as they work towards finishing their remaining projects.