Manners luncheons are becoming popular at multiple schools within the Dickinson area and Berg Elementary is among those teaching their students properness and manners, which has affected their class behavior.

Friday, Feb. 14, Robin Swenson’s fourth grade class will be having their manners luncheon where students parents will be invited to share lunch and see the manners their kids have learned over the school year.

Swenson’s class took a moment from their studies to give examples to The Press with what they are learning in manners including a special Berg Bulldogs acronym like PAWS (Pause. Act responsibly. Wise choices. Show respect)

“This is our first year at Berg Elementary to do this so we are really excited about this,” Swenson, said. “ It started out in the district at some of the elementary schools … Since Berg has only been open for two years now, this is the first year incorporating it and we are very excited.”

Swanson’s students politely raised their hands and spoke only when spoken to as they shared part of the lessons that stuck out to them.

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“We use, ‘Stop, Opt and Think,’ Where we stop, see our options and then go with the best one,” Hunter Beckers said. “It is good to have manners because the way you talk to someone could affect how they act toward you in the future.”

Savanna Mendoza spoke timidly but knew the skills of her manners very well.

“It's good to say polite words like, ‘please, thank you, sorry instead of just no or yes,” Mendoza said. “You never know how someone else's day is going so you want to treat people the way you want to be treated.”

Emma Blinn was also quiet but was very excited to share what she has learned and, like her other classmates, practices her manners at home during breakfast and dinner.

“We have been working with kind words, kind feet, kind hands and thinking before we act.” Blinn said. “Also it's better to look at someone when they are talking to you so they know you are listening.

Urijah Estrada shared a very mature thought he has gained through his lessons in manners.

“If someone is speaking to you about something that you don't like, you can still listen to them for a little bit and when they are done talking you can change the subject.” said Estrada.

Swenson’s class was very knowledgeable of their manners and are excited to get dressed up next Friday for their manners luncheon.

Swenson mentioned other polite things to do such as, putting one's napkin in their lap, tucking in one's shirt and to alway be respectful.

“The students' parents are invited to join us so we can show them our Berg manners,” Swenson said.