Four teenagers have taken the social media by storm with their attempts at having more magic put on the Enchanted Highway. The cost is high, but their dreams could heat up the interests of locals, and tourists, in North Dakota.

Chance Galster, Tristan Pelgon, Isaac Gjerde , Ethan Hughes stayed at the Enchanted Castle in Regent for a night, a hotel which resides on the Enchanted Highway. While during their stay, the teens learned from Gary Greff, the creator of the sculptures on the Enchanted Highway, that his latest art piece, Sir Regent, a knight slaying a fire-breathing dragon, is ready to be constructed. However, Greff told the teens due to low funds, the sculpture is unable to be raised and displayed. With this information, the teens took it upon themselves to get the funds needed in order to display the artwork on the highway by creating a Go Fund Me account specifically for the sculpture.

“I have fond memories of that highway, I always had a good time there as a kid,” Galster said. “We just thought that we’d help him out because it’s really a great place and I would like more people to know about it.”

As of Tuesday, May 12, the page had made nearly $1,500, with donations continuing to climb. The teens hope to reach $25,000 in order for the sculpture to be placed.

“I’m glad, I hope that it reflects on the business,” Galster said. “I hope that he gets to that goal he needs because I think everyone that goes there would have a great time. It’s awesome, it’s good to know that people are helping us out and him out.”

For Greff, the realization that comes from the teen’s participation and current drive to get the project created is a massive inspiration.

“I really appreciate the boys trying to put in the effort and I didn’t really know they had any money raised yet since it just came up this past weekend,” Greff said. “I told them I’d appreciate it if they went with it and I didn’t even know if they were going with it for sure, it’s just a good feeling.”

Greff added, “It just re-affirms to me that maybe the project is worth going with, they believe in it and it’s something that is a great project and it just reconfirms that I must be doing something right.”

While some may want to contribute, but may be unable to financially support, Galster stated there are other ways of helping contribute to the cause.

“Just spreading the word of the Go Fund Me is really what we’re trying to do right now, as far as in the future, you never know what happens we’ll see when it comes,” Galster said. “The more people that know the more of the page, the more beneficial and helpful it is … It looks really awesome and I just want to see it put up and look good on the enchanted highway.”

The Enchanted Highway starts on Exit 72 on Interstate 94 and continues for over 30 miles and ends in Regent. The sculpture would be located next to the enchanted castle, the hotel located on the highway.

For more information, or to donate, check out the Go Fund Me Page by searching “Raise Sir Regent of the Enchanted Castle” on Go Fund